TechoReview: Portal to recent updates in Technology

TechoReview: Your Portal to Recent Updates in Technology

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With the recent developments in technology, the need to disseminate the knowledge being generated at a faster pace has increased manifolds. Particularly, with the ubiquity of the computing devices, such as laptop computers, smartphones, smart watches, and various sensor-based systems, the world has indeed witnessed a technological revolution. Consequently, there is a need to inform people about what technology has done so far, what miracles it can do in future, and how they can make their lives easier using the technology.

To that end, TechoReview is a blog which is aimed at providing the deep insights and inspiration to a wide range of readers including the students and teachers of Computer Science, Information Technology, and various other disciplines, Software Engineers, Programmers, IT professionals and general public about the recent developments in the technological arena. An important characteristic of this blog is that it is not confined to the computer science only; instead, all the disciplines that require information technology and computing to support in performing their operations are covered in this blog. It is anticipated that TechoReview will help the community get faster access to both the foundational as well as advanced concepts, developments, innovations, and methodologies related to core technical IT domain.

We would also like to assure our readers that the material they find at TechReview is not only original but is of high quality. To ensure the originality and high quality of the materials intended for sharing with our valuable readers, it will be ensured that all the articles undergo a peer review process. The contributors of the blog will be from academia, industry, media, and business community etc. Therefore, we believe that the readers will have a great learning experience while visiting this blog.

Difference Between Fog and Edge Computing

The blog has mainly following four interesting components that we expect to grow in future.

• Articles— this section will contain articles on the application of technological concepts and recent inventions in diverse domains to expose readers to a broader body of knowledge.
• Tech Trends—this section will contain information on the emerging technological trends and tools that can benefit individuals, community, and businesses at large.
• Tech News—this section will contain the media news on technology thus keeping its readers aware and updated of what’s happening around the globe
• Tech Glossary—this section will contain the definitions of concepts to help understand the basics on which the readers the readers can build the advanced concepts
Which Topics to Expect in TechoReview?
• TechoReview will contain quality articles on the current buzzwords, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and the application models to solve variety of problems ranging from the health informatics to controlling the industrial and manufacturing processes.
• Articles on state-of-the-art computing paradigms, such as cloud computing, cloud computing services and models, fog computing, edge computing, big data tools and techniques (Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce, Apache Storm etc.) will enlighten the readers of the capabilities of these amazing technologies in processing large-scale and distributed data efficiently.
• TechoReview will play its part in digital transformation of the communities in general and particularly for the developing nations through information technology. Digital transformation strategies with respect to different cultures and their probable impacts will also be reviewed and discussed.
• How Health Information Technology is Transforming the Communities? This is an important question to be answered by learning from the successful experiences of the developed nations to convince and motivate the developing communities. Adoption of Electronic Health Record systems by utilizing the cloud computing services and models in the perspectives of developing nations will also get sufficient attention in the TechoReview.
• The concept of Internet-of-Things (IoT) has revolutionized the society in almost every aspect, particularly the agriculture domain. Consequently, the world has witnessed the terms, such as smart farming and smart agriculture recently where information collected through sensors is processed efficiently to help us not only to make data-driven decisions but also to track, monitor and analyze important decisions. The blog will amply publish in the aforementioned areas.
• With the excessive use of Internet by the masses, the businesses have also started finding opportunities to expand themselves by making use of the technology and sophisticated tools. For example, recently digital marketing and email marketing have emerged as the powerful tools for to advertise and expand the businesses. Considering the significance of these paradigms, TechoReview will also publish articles for its readers to help gain understanding about making effective use of them.
• Another area where TechoReview will publish articles is regarding the capabilities of the automated tools to find the best suited health insurance plans out of the vast variety of insurance plans in the marketplaces, life insurance, auto insurance and home insurance etc. The prospects for improving the underlying algorithms and approaches will also be highlighted to cater the diversified needs of wide range of users and audiences.
• The blog will contain articles on real-time traffic surveillance from video streams, fog computing architectures for smart grids, edge computing architectures for solid waste management systems, smart policing etc.
• The blog will also encompass the topics, such as data quality in the IoT, privacy, security, and trust issues in the fog computing and cloud computing.
• The blog will also present the innovative ideas for final year projects that students can pursue and will also share the details of some excellent projects completed recently.
• In addition, various other topics, such as virtualization in fog and cloud computing, energy efficiency, green computing, blockchain technology and its applications, fault tolerance, software quality, autonomous vehicles, software testing, automated testing, automated testing tools for web based applications, software process improvement, global software development, agile development, DevOps, social network analysis, rumor source detection and hate speech detection identification on social media  and several more will be discussed to enlighten the curious readers.
We anticipate that TechoReview will be gateway for the readers to a never ending journey of knowledge and learning.

Adoption of New Technology in Agriculture

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