Where is the Mic on Airpods: Here we answer that

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If you own a pair of AirPods, you’ve undoubtedly seen this microphone and believed it to be the only one. It is quite accessible. Here is a depiction:

Where is the mic on AirPods?

As an AirPods owner, it may occasionally puzzle you that you do not know where the microphones are located. Everyone who has Airpods knows where the microphone is located.

Each pair of AirPods is equipped with two noise-canceling microphones. Which is located at the bottom of the AirPods’ main shaft.

Apple has a reputation for producing products of the highest quality. In addition, AirPods are superior to any other AirPods on the market. Did it ever seem to you that a basic product like Earphones could be so flawlessly designed? However, the microphones on the Airpods have been engineered to provide the greatest possible user experience.

Each microphone on the AirPods is equipped with noise-reduction technologies. The background noise is eliminated to the greatest extent feasible. Additionally, they are located closest to the mouth. Each microphone is additionally protected by a thin metal guard that prevents it from being broken.

How To Fix AirPods Microphone That’s Not Working?

If the microphone on your AirPods is not working, luckily, it’s not the end of the world. Read on for six tips to fix the problem before giving up.

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Try resetting the AirPods then reconnecting them to your iPhone. Follow these steps to do that:

  1. Place the AirPods in their case, and close it for 30 seconds.
  2. Leave your AirPods inside the case with it open.
  3. Via your iPhone, navigate to “Settings,” then “Bluetooth.”
  4. Tap on the info icon beside the AirPods.

5. Choose “Forget This Device.”

6. Tap “Forget Device” twice just to make sure.

7. With the lid still left open, long-press the setup button at the back until the light flashes amber, then white.

8. Now hold your charging case close to your iPhone.

9. A “Not Your AirPods” notification should appear on your screen. Press “Connect.”

10. Follow the instructions, then once your AirPods have been re-paired with your iPhone, hit “Done.”

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If none of the above tips have worked, you may need to consider replacing or repairing them. Although AirPods are typically robust, they are still delicate, and wear and tear will ultimately take its toll. Consider taking your AirPods to your local Apple store for a service or contacting Apple Support.

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