What is Xbox Console Companion 0x406?[Updated 2023]

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Xbox console companion 0x406 Error occurs whenever you attempt to play Xbox games on Windows 10. The Xbox prevents you from connecting and informs you to try 0x406 or 0xbbb later. If you are unable to log into the Xbox app, you cannot play Xbox games.


Similar to Microsoft Casual Solitaire, Xbox One Battlefield, and Xbox 360 Fallout 3 among others. The problem is fortunately the Xbox software itself.

Xbox application’s Identifier

To resolve the Xbox console companion error 0x406, the following are efficient and direct solutions. From resetting the Xbox application’s Identifier Provider for Windows 10 Here are various solutions for the Xbox not being able to connect issue.

A Non-Functioning 360

Likewise, a non-functioning 360 Controller may be remedied using the procedures provided below. So we tried to examine the problem’s periphery.


Here are several scenarios in which you may find yourself.

Reasons For Xbox Error 0x406

Xbox Console Companion 0x406

Windows Store or Xbox app corruption

In this scenario, you can simply remedy the issue by reinstalling and registering both applications using PowerShell.

User File Corrupted:

This issue also manifests itself when the Windows profile becomes corrupted.  However, this issue can simply resolved by establishing a new user profile.

Service-disabled Token Broker:

This error happens if you have already deactivated the Token Broker service. Then just set the Token Broker service’s status to Automatic.

Removal of Xbox Identity Provider:

If this program is not installed on your PC, it will be unable to connect to the Xbox Live network. Install this ID component to link the Xbox application and other similar apps. When you install the Xbox Identity Provider from the Microsoft Store, this issue will be resolved.

System files damaged:

This issue occurs in the most severe situations. This issue is caused by the damaged system files that impede the login procedure. We advise updating all Windows components as a precautionary measure. It may be a clean install or a repair install.


If you are presently experiencing the Xbox application error code 0x406 and attempting to solve it, we will explore numerous solutions. We hope you find the answers presented in descending order of usefulness to be of assistance.

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How to Fix Xbox Connection Error 0x406?

Resetting the App

Whenever an app gives an error message, the reset option of Windows 10 comes in handy all the time. This Reset option will reset the data of your app only and not your account data. You can reset the Xbox app in the following ways:

Xbox Console Companion 0x406

Installation of Missing Built-In Apps

The Xbox app is dependent on several factors, including integrated applications. Error 0x406 may be caused by the absence of certain embedded applications. Therefore, this problem may be resolved by reinstating any missing embedded applications. In the following techniques, you may verify that Windows has all of the necessary applications:

Adding The Xbox Identity Provider App To Windows 10

The identity app of Xbox can also fix the 0x406 error and this is confirmed by many users. You have to click on “Get this app” button in order to add the Xbox Identity app to Windows 10 at

Open The Xbox App In Your Administrator Account

Remember that you should have an administrator account in order to log in to the Xbox app. So, please ensure that you open the app in an administrator account. You can create an administrator account in the following ways:

Xbox Console Companion 0x406


Here are various Xbox console buddy 0tthx406 solutions. So that you may reconnect to the Xbox app effortlessly.  I hope this information is helpful. Thank you for reading.


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