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UICC unlock on Android is a key phrase that you may have encountered if you’re a frequent user of a smartphone or laptop. Smartphone users may have faced it more often than laptop users. However, some individuals do not get the concept or function of uicc unlock. UICC is an integral component of the gadget that enables you to effortlessly communicate with others via your smartphone or laptop. UICC of a SIM functions as a lock to protect user data by restricting parts of its capabilities and tying it to a single data provider. Unlocking the UICC phone entails removing the SIM lock on the device. To learn more about Tech News visit our website Techoreview .

What is the difference between Sim Card and UICC Unlock?

The acronyms of the two are the first thing that can assist you distinguish between them. UICC unlock stands for “Universal Integrated Circuit Card,” whereas Sim card refers to “Subscriber Identification Module.”


The current term for Sim Card is UICC. Developers saw the necessity for Sim Cards in devices other than mobile phones, such as desktops and laptops. They decided to design a Sim Card for UICC unlock and gave it capabilities that would allow it to be compatible with laptops and desktops while still functioning as a Sim Card.UICC unlocking is ideal for high-speed wireless 3G or 4G networks and is utilised for optimal network performance. Unlike a Sim Card, which is only utilised locally, UICC features global inscriptions that allow you to use its services. Such as 3G and 4G connectivity, wherever you go or whenever it is convenient. It facilitates connection storage and bolsters security, consistent voice and data connections, accommodating new application services, unique services, and worldwide roaming on your smartphone. Users of UICC can effectively transfer files from their phonebook or preferences to another device.

How to fix Uicc Unlock error 407 on an android phone?

Everyone wants their phones to function properly. Multiple Android users have reported malfunctions that need updating your device. UICC unlocks Error 407, 6600, and 6011 are likely to cause a faulty notice after a few minutes, which may be annoying or infuriating. There are a number of solutions to resolve this UICC unlock problem in a matter of minutes. There are four primary techniques to eliminate the mistake.


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To learn more about Tech News visit our website Techoreview .

The detail of the methods used for UICC unlock are discussed here in this article.

Part 1: What is UICC and UICC Unlock?

UICC (Universal Integrated Circuit Card) is an advanced generation SIM card compatible with high-speed internet networks for computers or smartphones. It can retain contacts, offer a dependable and secure phone connection, worldwide roaming, and a multi-media connection, and add new services and apps. There is little distinction between a SIM and UICC. UICC is compatible with all electronic devices, including desktops and laptops, whereas SIM is only compatible with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. SIM allows smartphones and tablets to access the network, whereas UICC is not confined to smart devices. UICC lock restricts device usage to the Sprint network and cannot be enabled on other networks. UICC unlock signifies that we are removing the SIM-card limitation from your smartphone, allowing you to use it on any network.

Part 2: How to Do UICC Unlock with Sprint

For unlocking UICC with Sprint, ensure that you meet the following eligibility requirements of the Sprint.


After satisfying all prerequisites, your phone will unlock automatically. Sprint will issue you a Sprint UICC unlock code after notifying you that you are qualified for one if you have paid all of your phone bills. Otherwise, contact Sprint customer support for a free Sprint UICC unlock code. Upon request, it may take up to two business days.

Part 3: How to Perform UICC Unlock without Sprint

UICC Sprint unlock can perform easily with or without Sprint. There are two ways to do it without Sprint. A brief description of these methods is described below.

  1. Online Unlock Services

Many UICC unlock software are available online for this purpose such as DirectUnlocks and DrFone.

  • DirectUnlocks is applicable for a variety of devices. You just need to give basic information about the device including the IMEI number and you will get a code within a few hours.

  • In addition to this, you can also use to UnlockBoot to UICC unlock Sprint. To use UnlockBoot, you need to download an USB redirector app. You can go to its official site to learn more.

Moreover, many online websites can unlock UICC without Sprint including Unlock Radar and Free Unlocks. You have to provide them with basic information about your phone and these websites will mail you the unlock code.

  1. Offline Unlock Services

UICC unlocking without Sprint

UICC unlocking without Sprint is also possible using offline unlocking services. Numerous network service providers provide UICC unlocking services at their service centre. Users need to go there with their phones and request assistance. They will charge you a few dollars to unlock your UICC for you. In addition to various specialists, several smartphone accessory markets and businesses now claim to provide UICC unlock services. Be wary of these offline service providers from a security perspective, since you are supplying them with crucial information to access your phone. Always choose the service centre of a reputable network when it comes to UICC unlocking, as this will save you in the long run.


4MeKey is the most effective method for disabling Activation Lock without a password. The iPad or iPhone iCloud Activation Lock can be remove with a few taps. It assists in eliminating the iCloud activation lock without the owner’s password and Apple ID, unlocking the iCloud account in the event that the user forgets their password or Apple ID. It can also aid in getting in to the App store with a new Apple ID after bypassing the previous owner’s iCloud Activation Lock and disabling “find my iPhone” even if you do not know the Apple ID password. To learn more about Tech News visit our website Techoreview .

How to Create a Local Backup of iCloud Photos Library?

If you are worried about bypassing the iCloud activation lock, then you should follow these instructions:

  • Download and install Tenorshare 4MeKey on the PC. Connect your iPhone to the PC. Choose the “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” option.
  • The 4MeKey will jailbreak the iPhone now. For starting this process, select “start”.
  • After jailbreaking, confirm the device information and select “start”.
  • Wait for this process. The screen will read, “your iPhone activation lock has been successfully removed”.

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To learn more about Tech News visit our website Techoreview .

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