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What is the Structure of an Electronic Health Record?

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In this article, we discuss what type of information is contained in an electronic health record i.e. the structure of an electronic health record.

There is usually a question that what type of information is actually contained in an EHR. There is a variety of information that is present in an EHR and it is important to understand this due to the capability of EHRs to contain diversified information about the patients in a single record structure, the healthcare sector has been revolutionized because now this information can be utilized and operated in various ways by a variety of stakeholders. If we analyze the information encapsulated in an electronic health record, we can see that the information contained in it can be categorized into: (i) Patient Demographics and (ii) Patient Health Information. Typically, the structure of an electronic health record contains following type of information.   

  • Patient Demographics—this includes the information, such as gender, age, height, weight, ethnicity, nationality etc.
  • Patient Health Information—this consists of the information, such as patient medical history, family medical history in some cases, allergies, prescriptions and treatments, reports of the laboratory tests, information about vital signs, such as blood pressure, pulse rate, and temperature etc.
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