What is Samsung Accessory Service? [Updated 2023]

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What is Samsung Accessory Service?

After installing a firmware update, the Samsung Accessory Service app is creating several troubles. Thus, you have arrived to the proper location. Because we will provide you with all necessary responses. This article will address the question, “What is Samsung’s accessory service?” In addition, we will describe what this program performs and the most prevalent troubles it causes. We will also provide a response to the question, “Is this app essential?”

Samsung Accessory Service

As the name implies, Samsung Accessory Service is an Android application developed by Samsung. Connecting accessories are among the characteristics that it offers. It can link your Galaxy watch to your smartphone, for instance.


  • Firstly, It can send and receive data.
  • Secondly, It has the ability to transfer files.

Required permissions

In order to transfer media files to the accessory device, this app will ask for Storage permission.

Why Does the App Say Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File Please Wait?

Due to an app update, the message “Transferring file, please wait” became problematic. This notice often occurs on Galaxy smartphones, including the S7, S8, and S9. Because the program transmits and receives data, the occasional appearance of this notice is not a concern. You may get this message after the conclusion of a phone conversation. This is due to the fact that if your smartwatch is linked to a smartphone, the software will record the call history.


If you want to prevent this message from appearing again, click here. Then attempt to reinstall the Galaxy Wearable application. Due to this, the plug-in and accessory service application will also be reinstalled. As a consequence, all files will be installed appropriately, and the notice of file transfer will cease.


If the above method doesn’t work then you should try to force-stop the app. Then clear this app and it may solve the problem. You can do this by following these steps:

Settings > Apps > Samsung Accessory Service > Force stop.

Lastly, you can try to unpair the watch and then repair it with your smartphone. After doing so, restart your phone.

Samsung Accessory Service Draining Battery

Following a fresh app update, several users have reported different difficulties. To resolve this issue, disable battery optimization on all Galaxy Wear applications and plugins. Even if the program advises against disabling energy optimization, stating that doing so would reduce battery performance.

Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available Pop-Up

The message “Unfortunately, Samsung Accessory Service Is No Longer Available” may be resolved by removing and reinstalling the Galaxy Wearable app. Also, please ensure that the app is always updated. If you are not using the Galaxy wearable app, you may delete it to resolve this problem.

Disable Samsung Accessory

If none of the preceding solutions work, we have a straightforward solution for you. Simply disable Samsung Accessory Service alerts from the notification or app settings. Then there will be no problem with pop-ups.

Is Samsung Accessory Service Necessary?

If you use accessories such as the Samsung watch, then you need this application.  Therefore, removing it may cause synchronization difficulties with fitness applications. If you are not utilizing any accessories, this application is unnecessary and may be removed.


We have provided all pertinent information on the application. We hope this answers all of your questions and resolves your issues. This problem may disappear in the near future, therefore there is no need for concern. We appreciate your reading our blog.

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