What is LG Smart World? Know Everything about it

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Therefore, everyone becomes bored when using their LG phone after a while. We have an answer for you. The answer is What is LG’s smart world? Therefore, if you wish to create a futuristic motif or alter the wallpaper. And modify your phone’s screen timer and fonts. So we shall explain what LG smart world is.

In this essay, we shall discuss the advantages of the LG smart world. And how may the LG be utilised? To improve your life and phone.

LG smart world is a one-of-a-kind programme utilised by LG smartphone owners to customise their device’s appearance, among other effects. As the name implies, it is only offered by LG manufacturers. This software provides access to the majority of Android applications on LG Smart TVs and smartphones. All LG smartphone customers have access to the LG Bridge channel, which includes all apps and accessories. On this app, all premium material is given for customer pleasure. Also read Techoreview and TECH NEWS.

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LG Smartworld utilises the com.lge.launcher3 default launcher. This allows you to utilise LG’s extensive collection of applications, games, ringtones, plus themes, wallpapers, and other personalization options. Among its characteristics are:


Application Models

LG smartphones and tablets:

  • Android OS: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, 4.4, 5.1
  • Resolution with: QVGA, HVGA, WVGA, XGA, WXGA, HD/WXGA, WUXGA, HD, FHD,QHD.

Download the LG Smartworld:

So far, we have discussed What is LG smartworld? You cannot experience the LG smart world without downloading it, which you can do here. We have brought you something that cannot get monotonous. To change the themes, you must first download the theme from LG’s smart world; to do so, you must download LG’s smart world. And first, familiarise yourself with the LG smart world. LG smart world provides content for use. You may utilise a variety of themes and wallpapers to make your phone appealing to you once again. Occasionally, you may be required to pay for information, but there is also free material accessible.

LIA Informant: What is it? Know Everything About it


Pros of LG Smartworld


Cons of LG Smartworld

How to install LG smart world:

You can install the LG smart world app from here:

What happens after update?

  • There are only 5 themes in the LG Smartworld and the update will remove these themes from the Smartworld.
  • When you update then the various background styles and pictures from the settings gets deleted. The only modes available are black or dark background ones.
  • All the android users won’t be able to change the text bubbles in the settings. This is because according to the default settings its colour is supposed to be green and recipients is supposed to be gray.
  • Because of the update all the icons in the app gets changed in the Smartworld.
  • Most of the font options gets deleted after the update. Only a few of them remain available.

The app is comfortable for the people using LG devices. As they can share applications, music files, fonts and other themes. There is no use of a third-party application. All the features and work processes are available for LG devices.

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How is LG smartworld and com.lge.launcher3 related?

Clients have asked numerous questions about LG devices, some of which concern the relationship between LG smartworld and com.lge.launcher3. While LG smartworld is an app in the form of a store, its default Android launcher is com.lge.launcher3.

With this launcher, you can access a variety of customization options, games, plus themes, keyword themes, fonts, and exclusive LG smartphone applications.

How to delete the LG smartworld app?

Although some LG phones will come with LG smart world already pre-installed, it does not mean that they solely need the app to function. Consequently, you can delete the app when you wish.

However, be prepared to lose all the customized features you had applied on your phone, and the default settings will be retrieved. Proceed as follows to delete LG smartworld:

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