What is DQA Android APP?[Updated 2023]

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The abbreviation for the DQA Android APP is Device Quality Agents. Samsung built this software for their line of smartphones with the intent of serving as an intermediary between the networks. If you study this article in its entirety, you will get further knowledge about this built-in application.

What is DQA Android APP ?

DQA’s primary function is to determine the quality of your Wi-Fi network. This verifies that you will not encounter any issues when connecting to an unfamiliar Internet connection. Some customers have reported that the software displays error messages that say “Samsung DQA Keeps Stopping” when they try to connect to Wi-Fi. This message is often distressing, particularly for those with new phones.

You will note that if you disable Wi-Fi, you will no longer get such notifications. Some have found success by entering the running applications and forcibly halting the DQA Android APP. Samsung released an over-the-air (OTA) update to fix the issue, despite initial difficulties. Because it repeatedly informed some consumers that the service had ended.


DQA basically verifies the quality of your Wi-Fi and ensures that you will not encounter any issues while connecting to an unfamiliar internet connection. Some users have reported that, while attempting to connect to Wi-Fi, the software displays error messages like “Samsung DQA Keeps Stopping.” This notification may be distressing, particularly for those with new phones.

You will note that if you disable Wi-Fi, you will no longer get such notifications. Certain customers have had luck by going to their running applications and forcibly halting the DQA; however, Samsung did have an issue with it, and they released an OTA update to correct it since it continued giving some users the message that it had stopped.

Will I be able to uninstall DQA Android APP?

You can not uninstall DQA since this is system software and comes pre-installed on your device unless you flash your phone which isn’t recommended for us. There is no harm in this app. It is neither a virus, nor a bloatware/malware or any spyware as such. It is just a simple system app which is necessary for some or the other functioning of your device. Your device may malfunction if you try to remove this app.

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Permissions for DQA

As you’ll see below, the DQA has no permissions to the right functioning in your device. You’ll also check on this within the internal app settings which mentions in as ” No Permissions Required “…

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Ways to Fix Errors arising out of DQA Android

Even with problems that this app (DQA) has been showing within the past, this software is totally safe thanks to the very fact that’s provided by Samsung. Within the case, your smartphone still shows the common errors previously explained, you’ll follow these steps for a possible thanks to fix it:

DQA Android APP


Disabling the High Performance Mode

DQA Android APP

Take help from a DQA Disabler

DQA Android APP


Turn off the Wi-fi services

Factory Reset the System

This is the last step that you may have to perform. It is the ultimate step and this will surely solve any issues if it still persists after going through the above steps.

DQA Android APP

Note: One should first backup the device data because factory resetting your device will result in the complete loss of all data in the system (both, internal and external).

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