What is com.lge.shutdownmonitor? [Updated 2023]

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This blog will cover every aspect of the previously mentioned issue. The LG device package Com.lge.shutdownmonitor is associated with the Shutdown monitor. Occasionally, an error arises stating, “Unfortunately, Com.lge.shutdownmonitor has ceased.”

As stated previously, it is a preinstalled package on LG handsets. As a result of system failures and other problems, it is subject to malfunction. Numerous issues develop as a result of faults caused by the untimely shutdown of the package and other associated applications. For example, your device may display a number, or the problem may persist after a few seconds. We will explore how to resolve these concerns when confronted with a mistake of this nature.


This packaging and fault are most prevalent in LG-manufactured cellphones. All of you must be utilising an LG-manufactured electronic gadget. As a worldwide electronics firm, LGE has its headquarters in South Korea. LG Electronics’ business units include Mobile communication, Home Appliances, Vehicle Components, etc. The LG G series is successful with regards to mobile communications. First, the most recent G4 smartphones are the LG G7 ThinQ and the LG G8x. Additionally, the Wing series is excellent. LG is also a prominent tablet manufacturer.

What is Shutdown Monitor?

Shutdown Monitor is a system procedure responsible for monitoring the state of your device. This technique is not exclusive to Android devices but also includes Windows computers. However, additional third-party programmes may also be utilised on PCs. These programmes offer no threat, thus downloading them is safe. This application of the Shutdown monitor is the first to be informed if the computer is being shut down, rebooted, or logged off. It aids in saving any unsaved work that was in progress.

What is Com.lge.shutdownmonitor?

LG’s Shutdown monitor is represented on Android through the come.lge.shutdownmonitor package. According to certain reports, the LG Shutdownmonitor checks the condition of your device, but its operation is unknown.

All Android applications are identified by a unique package name, often com.companyname.appname. LGE stands for LG Electronics, while ShutdownMonitor is the name of the system application.

We wrote LG an email requesting further information regarding this system app; if we receive a response, we will update the post.

After learning the notion of Shutdown monitor, Com.lge.shutdownmonitor will be simple to comprehend. This package manages the Shutdown monitor procedure. This feature is exclusive to LG smartphones, and you can decline it if it requests permission. Because this function is designed to monitor your device’s state, some developer-defined permissions are necessary.

What if I cannot find com lge shutdown monitor among other apps?

Many LG consumers have questioned whether or not their smartphones have the shutdown monitor provision or the com.lge.shutdownmonitor package. These problems often occur when a someone searches the main menu and cannot locate the application.

If so, have no fear, as com lge shutdownmonitor is a background Android app that does not display in the forefront with other programmes.

Thankfully, there is always a solution to any problem, and you may view this application. Simply click the main menu and tap Settings to access the settings. Access the ‘Mobile usage’ option, and com.lge.shutdownmonitor will be displayed among the running applications.

Does shutdownmonitor eat into your android resources?

Almost every user of smart devices is also concerned about whether the apps consume device resources. Some users have questioned if the com lge shutdownmonitor app consumes smartphone resources in this scenario.

We refer to storage space and the device’s memory as resources. No is the answer to this question. As with other apps, such as Lia informant and com.lge.launcher3, it does require a little amount of storage space upon installation. However, it requires no more room beyond that required for installation.

Regarding phone memory, remember that each programme, whether system or third-party, utilises a percentage of the memory the device allots for its operation. Likewise, com lge shutdownmonitor occupies a portion of the device’s memory, but not more than what the phone allots it.

Is com.lge.shutdownmonitor Safe?

As previously stated, some consumers believe the app is a virus or that their phone is being monitored by a third party. lge.shutdownmonitor is an app developed by LG Electronics; it is completely secure, and you should have no concerns.

Is Com.lge.shutdownmonitor a virus?

This is a very popular question, and the answer is no. Its objective is to monitor your device, however because it comes preinstalled on your LG smartphone, it cannot be considered a virus or malware. The Com.lge.shutdownmonitor may be found in the ‘Mobile use’ section of your smartphone’s Settings. This package is partially responsible for the correct device utilisation data displayed.

Additionally, you cannot uninstall it from your smartphone since it requires root access. This is one of those packages that is concealed from users other than the fact that it was included by the developers. Even if you have root access, you should avoid interfering with preinstalled software. It may result in additional issues and errors that you cannot address on your own.

Causes of the error

  1. Corrupt Cache:The place where the apps store some data temporarily is called Cache memory. It helps in loading the apps pretty fast and it opens at a better pace. So, due to a corrupt cache, the app will not be able to get the data it requires and will crash. Then a message will keep appearing saying that the app has stopped.
  2. Other third-party Shutdown monitor app:If you have installed any other third-party shutdown monitor app then it may cause conflict with the built-in monitor. Because of this conflict, you will find it difficult to use apps on your device.
  3. Phone not updated:This error may occur if there are any software updates pending. So, please ensure that you download them and are fully updated. This is because Updates contain security patches and bug fixes. Keep the software updated on your device with the help of Wi-Fi, if you have limited mobile data.


Fixing the error of “Unfortunately, Com.lge.shutdownmonitor has stopped”

There are various ways to fix this error and we will discuss them in detail. They are as follows:

  1. Clear Cache and Data
  2. Reboot your device
  3. Boot your device into safe mode

In simple words, booting your device into safe mode means a mode where all your apps are frozen. The only thing available to use is the system apps. So, it will be easier to find the cause of the error if it is being caused by any third-party application. You can do this through the following steps:


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Should you Uninstall com.lge.shutdownmonitor?

Almost all Android apps can be uninstalled after rooting your device or by using Android Debug Bridge (ADB). But uninstalling some system/privileged apps can cause serious issues if the app has an important job. It’s better to leave com.lge.shutdownmonitor alone because it is located in a privapp directory on one of the system image partitions, which means it is a privileged app and most likely to be responsible for something important.

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