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Let’s get some understanding of the problem by asking, “What is it?” What does it do? Is it malware, spyware, bloatware, or a virus? Also, what is the remedy for the problem?


Before diving into the core issue, let’s have a clear grasp of the android package about A package is often a directory containing our ASCII text file. This is often a directory structure that uniquely identifies your application, such as, which is kept in /data /app /com /com/.

Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim — What is it? might be a component of the Android operating system. CTS is an abbreviation for “Compatibility Test Suite,” and priv stands for “private.” In system apps, there are two package names: the first is used privately, while the second ( is used worldwide. CTS is essentially a tool for developers. When discussing Android apps and their versions, several compatibility difficulties occur. Newly developed applications are not compatible with older Android versions.

Location – “/system/priv-app/CtsShimPrivbuilt/CtsShimPrivPrebuilt.apk”

CTS exists on your system’s partition. It serves to validate particular upgrading scenarios. The suppliers travel this test to ensure that their hardware is compatible with the Android OS version. CTS essentially consists of two components, one of which is executed on the event computer (Mac or 64-bit Linux). Another partition is the system file that is present by default on Android. Therefore, the ctsshim or may be a pre-installed component, and you should avoid modifying it. Additionally, it cannot be deleted from the device. To accomplish this, you must root your Android handset. However, removing these system files results in several complications. They change the device’s number.

Use of

Now you are familiar with, or CTS (Compatibility Test Suite). Thus, it is a tool for developers to identify and resolve compatibility issues with Android applications. It consists of two components, one of which operates on a PC and the other on Android.

In addition, CTS resembles a software that resides on a devices/system partition in order to validate certain upgrade situations. It contains code and provides the unique APK that will be used to upgrade the application. It is an integral feature of Google’s SafetyNet API. This confirms that your phone is authentic and that crucial system parameters have not been altered. If we created our own Android app, the name “” would be automatically added. If you are attempting to execute a programme, delete the road and execute it in your own android studio; it will function properly.

Note: If you’ve got root rights, then this application are often removed easily. But if it doesn’t make your phone slow, eating battery, then it’s better to go away it. the appliance may be a system app, and it shouldn’t harm.

Compatibility Test Suite

In the Mi Community forum, it’s a written that CTS may be a free suite of compatibility tests. Thus, while, running on a PC it performs several testing tasks on a device that which is connect with the PC. CTS may be a suite of unit tests specifically design to integrate into the daily workflow of device engineers. The task of tests to spot incompatibilities at an early stage also ensures software compatibility throughout the event process.

The latest update and download is usually available on the android source site. Directly visit to site then come to read more and download.

To run CTS, you initially got to prepare three main things:

  • The physical environment
  • Your desktop machine (64-bit Linux or Mac)
  • Your android device on which you’ll perform the tests.


Is a Virus/Bloatware/Spyware?

Fixing the Com.Android.CTS.Priv.CtsShim error

Note: If the method above doesn’t work well, then, in that case, we should be ready to perform factory reset of our device. But, one thing to remember here is we need to create backups of our phone data beforehand. So, that data loss doesn’t occur in the kerfuffle of such exotic madness to get rid of this issue.


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How to remove com android cts priv ctsshim

If you are having any trouble with and want to get rid of it then follow along with this method. Unlike other system apps like incalluispdclient, etc this app has no use for normal users. It is only meant for developers so having it on your device is pretty much useless unless you are a developer.

I would recommend only deleting the app only if it gives you an error. If not there is no need of going through the hassle of removing it. The app doesn’t run in the background. So it’s rare to get errors.

Method 1: Using 3rd party apps

There are many apps available on the app store for removing system apps. The well-known ones are system app remover, you can also use other apps but make sure that they don’t require system privileges. Most apps require your devices to be rooted. If you are a programmer. You can find some tools on GitHub that are used to remove system apps

Method 2: Using ADB

This is somewhat complicated and you will need a PC for this. If you have experience with tech and PC this would be a lot easier. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. Check our article What is ADB? How to Apply Update from ADB for more details.

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