What is ADB SIDELOAD TWRP?[Updated 2023]

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In this article, we will examine how to utilize ADB sideload for TWRP, as well as how to use flash or zip files in Stock Recovery. Stock recovery may also be used to apply legitimate OTA updates. Despite all of these advantages, there is still uncertainty about this feature. However, this tutorial is an honest effort to dispel any concerns.

Problems during TWRP recovery?

Problems mounting data during TWRP recovery? The most probable explanation for this is that your device contains encrypted data. Recently, manufacturers have sold Android handsets with forced encryption enabled (for safety of your data). This prevents some versions of TWRP from mounting the device’s data partition, rendering them incapable of flashing zip files (such as Super SU) from TWRP.

Using TWRP’s install menu to flash Super SU zip is the simplest thing in the world. However, if you are unable to mount the device’s data partition in TWRP recovery, you cannot utilize  the Install button to flash a zip file. In this instance, the ADB sideload option may be used.

While standard recovery only supports installing/flashing signed zips through ADB sideload, TWRP recovery also supports installing/flashing unsigned zips via ADB sideload. And this is how we will sideload the Super SU zip file via ADB.

ADB Sideload TWRP

ADB Sideload is an Android feature that enables the installation or flashing of ZIP files directly on the device with a single ADB command. The use situation varies each user. This function is mostly used by enthusiasts to flash modifications and adjustments supplied in ZIP packages. The typical user, however, utilizes this function to manually install OTA updates.

Regardless of the domain to which you belong, only ZIP files may be installed via it. Users using this functionality through TWRP should take aware of the following. The sideload capability cannot be used to move files from a computer to a mobile device. Instead, it immediately installs the ZIP file on your device.

ADB Sideload TWRP in ZIP files

If all you want to do is transfer files, you might consider other TWRP alternatives, such as Mount, MTP, and others. The same holds true for stock market recovery. The file for the OTA update will be installed immediately on your device, without first being transmitted.

Now we’ll examine how to use ADB Sideload and install ZIP files in Stock and TWRP Recovery.

Stock Recovery using ADB Sideload TWRP

ADB Sideload in Stock Recovery is mostly used to apply OTA or firmware upgrades. There are two alternatives available in this context: Apply Update from ADB and Apply Update from SD card. What is the difference between these two alternatives? Using the Apply Update from ADB option, the ZIP file may be installed using ADB commands.

Alternatively, using the Apply Update from SD card option, the ZIP file is installed straight from the device. This tutorial will concentrate on the first option. Therefore, without further ado, let us begin.

ADB Sideload TWRP Recovery 

While Sideload with TWRP is similarly confined to flashing ZIP files, this instance takes a more expansive approach. In contrast to stock recovery, in which ZIP was viewed as a firmware update file, ZIP files may be used in a number of circumstances. It might be a Magisk module or a modified ROM, for instance. However, the instructions’ steps remain unchanged. So let’s examine the methods required to use the ADB sideload capability in TWRP recovery.

ADB Sideload TWRP

Steps to install ADB Sideload TWRP
  • Installing the Android Debug Bridge on your PC
    • First, download the Android SDK Platform Tools, the official ABD and fast boot binaries provided by Google.
    • Download it and unzip it to any location on your PC, to get the platform-tools folder. This folder will be used to flash ZIP via ADB sideload and TWRP
  • Bootloader unlocking
    • Unlock the bootloader, keeping in mind that this will erase all data on your device and may also void your warranty.
    • So if that’s okay, check out my guide on how to unlock the bootloader of any Android device.
  • Install the TWRP Recovery
    • There are two different ways to do this: You can either install TWRP temporarily or permanently.

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Android TWRP Recovery Booting

ADB Sideload TWRP


Rooting your smartphone in ADB SIDELOAD TWRP.

This step is optional and relies on the ZIP file types you want to flash using ADB sideload and TWRP. If it is a custom ROM, rooting your smartphone is not required.

However, rooting is required in order to flash a Magisk module or comparable upgrades. To do so, please read the steps below:

ADB Sideload TWRP

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