What happens when Google Map Turn Off Labels? [Updated 2023]

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Google Maps is an online service that Google offers. It allows you to see maps of any site you choose to investigate. You may also get directions and traffic information for any place at any time. A map often shows several labels, such as traffic, images, landscape, and numerous Wikipedia articles. These labels are useful for identifying places of interest such as restaurants, shopping malls, and parks. Additionally, we may build our own labels for work, home, and our favorite destinations. Generally speaking, these labels are quite useful. However, is it possible to see maps without labels? Consequently, this article is about Google Maps Turn Off Labels.

Google Maps is a web-based map service platform that Google conceived and developed. It also gives street maps, an interactive 360-degree panoramic view, real-time traffic, satellite view, street view, aerial/bird’s-eye view, and public transportation routes, among other features. Approximately one billion or more people use Google Maps each month.

Now, let’s examine how to Add Private Labels before moving on to today’s subject of deleting labels from Google Maps.

Adding personal labels on Google Maps

To add any personal labels on Google Maps, we need to follow the steps given below :

What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels

Now, whenever you do a search for this place, the private label you just applied to it will be shown. The next time you do a search, you may use this label. Adding Private Labels to Google Maps locations was the focus of this activity. Let’s now examine the subject for today.

Google Maps Turn Off Labels

There has been a recent update on Layers brought about by Google. With the new Layers location update, it now allows us to even get rid of labels in satellite view and not only the map view. So, let’s see what steps we need to follow :

What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels

Deleting Custom Labels on Google Maps

In order, to remove custom labels that you may have created anytime, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps diligently.

Desktop Users

What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels

Mobile Users

What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels

Removing Informational Map Labels

To remove Informational Map Labels, we need to :

What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels

Hiding Google Maps Labels

We know that Google’s My Maps is a tool that helps us create our own custom maps. Conveniently, My Maps has some base layers without labels also. Here’s how we can create such a map :

How to Remove Labels in Google Maps

With the new Layers location update, Google Maps now allows you to remove labels in both map view and satellite view! Unfortunately, this feature is only available on the Desktop version of Google Maps.

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  1. Open in any web browser.
  2. Hover your mouse over the Layers box in the lower left corner and then click More in the menu that appears.What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels
  3. Now in the expanded Layers menu, click / uncheck the Labels checkbox in the bottom right corner. Even though it appears greyed out, you can still uncheck it and remove labels. If you’re having issues with it, try changing the Map type to Satellite first. What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels

Remove Labels in Google Maps Using Google My Maps

Google My Maps is tool that allows you to create your own custom maps using Google Maps. Conveniently, it has some base layers you can choose that don’t have labels. You can even share, print, and embed maps you create in Google My Maps.

Here’s how you can create a map without labels in Google My Maps:

Note: You’ll have to sign into your Google account to use My Maps, so make sure you’re already signed in or do so when prompted.

  1. Open in your browser and click the Create a new map button at the upper left.
  2. At the bottom of the Untitled map box, click the arrow next to Base map and select Light Political, Mono City, or Simple Atlas.

You can save your new map by clicking Untitled map and then the Save button.

You can even share, export, download, print, or embed this new map by clicking the 3 dots next to the map’s name and selecting the respective option.

What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels

How to Remove Custom Labels in Google Maps

Google Maps also allows you to create custom labels for your place of work, your home, and your favorite places. If you’re seeing custom labels in Google Maps that you no longer want, you can easily remove those too – here’s how:


  1. Open in any web browser on your desktop or laptop and sign into your Google account.
  2. Click the Hamburger menu icon () in the upper left corner of Google Maps and then select Your places in the menu that appears.
  3. In the following menu, click the Labeled tab and then click the X next to the label you wish to remove. Check the Lists tab for other labels you might want to delete. What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels


  1. Open the Google Maps app on your Android or iPhone.
  2. Tap Saved at the bottom of Google Maps and then tap Labeled (or whichever one contains labels) on the following screen. What happen when Google Map Turn Off Labels
  3. Tap the 3 dots NeXT to the label you wish to remove and tap Remove <label name>.


This article on Google Maps Turn Off Labels demonstrated how to disable labels on Google Maps. Additionally, we discovered that it is possible to add and delete both built-in and custom labels. It just takes a fraction of a second to do such actions, and you will have a fun afterwards. We observed that we do the same on our mobile devices. So, till then, take care.

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