What happens When Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working? [Updated 2023]

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What happens when Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working? 

Subtitles or Captions are a controversial subject among film and television lovers. So, Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working. Some like them because they highlight lines they may have missed each time they saw the film.

Like or Dislike of subtitles

In this piece, we shall explore the ineffective of Disney+ Subtitles. Whether you like or dislike subtitles, it’s important to know what to do if Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working. So, let’s immediately implement the most effective solutions that come our way.


Sometimes in a film or television program, characters speak softly, making it difficult to understand without subtitles.  Subtitles are particularly useful if you watch a movie on the move or have hearing issues.

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Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

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How to enable Closed-Captions/Subtitles on Disney+?

The feature of closed-captioning in your device’s settings allows you to change the design of subtitles that can optimize your overall watching experience. You can enable it on your device using the steps mentioned below:

For Android Users

Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

For iOS Users

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Top Solutions: Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

In this section, here is a list of the top solutions to fix the problem on different devices:

Restart the application

Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

Restart your Device

Update Disney Plus

 Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

Clear Cache Data

The data and cache of your Disney Plus app or browser might be corrupted, causing you to experience the issue of Disney+ getting stuck on the loading screen. Here’s how you can clear it:

 Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

Re-install Disney Plus

Reinstalling the application may also solve your issue. To do this:

Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

Turn on Closed-Captioning

There are hidden options in your device’s settings that allow you to enable closed-captioning for the videos you watch whenever possible. This also allows you to change the design of subtitles and captions to optimize your movie watching experience, steps below:

Change Subtitles Settings

Your subtitle configuration may also be one of the reasons behind Disney Plus subtitles or captions are not functioning properly. Even the styling may be hampering your subtitles. So, let’s the steps you need settings of subtitles.

To change the Subtitles Styling

Disney Plus Subtitles Not Working

Try playing another Movie/Show to Check

Movies and TV shows on Disney Plus may experience unexpected problems, making them unplayable sometimes.

If the Disney Plus subtitles or closed captions do not work, go back to the library.

Contact Support Center

After trying all the above issues, if the issue still does not resolve, your only option is to contact the Disney Plus Support Center. Let them know about the problem that the Disney+ app subtitles not functioning.


In this post, we toke a look at the various solutions that we have at our disposal to solve the issue of Disney+ app subtitles not functioning. These solutions mentioned here are quite easy to follow, even for someone who is also a beginner. I leave you. On that note, until next time, see ya!! Goodbye!!

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