Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ Symbol [Updated 2023]

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Do you know how to type 3 in reverse as the symbol? Actually, are you familiar with this symbol? This symbol is referred to as “Epsilon.” We will investigate it more subsequently. Let’s first test how you would respond if I asked you to enter reverse 3 or the sign reverse 3 on your PC, iPhone, or Android device. No need to worry if you do not already know. This article’s sole purpose is to inform you of the numerous ways to type the reverse 3 symbols.

Overview of the Ɛ Symbol

Here are a few examples of this symbol’s use: The reverse of the number 3 () followed by “greater than” or “>” creates a heart. This is one of the most frequently used emoticons on practically all social media platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

How then do you type the inverted 3? Copy and paste it from the list of symbols and then paste it into your Word document or chat box for the simplest of responses.

Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ Symbol

The sign of the reversed number 3 is becoming increasingly intriguing and is widely used by both Generation X and Generation Z. Typing the number 3 backwards, as, is hardly rocket science, especially on a PC.

Simply copy the symbol for the reversed number 3 from the symbols list or Google and put it where you like. You may also do the same using the Alt Code. Below are the steps involved:

Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ

Note: However, you need to keep in mind that this method will not work in MS Notepad.


Copying the sign and pasting it where you want it to appear is a second simple method for entering the number 3 backwards on a computer. Thus, you may utilise the reverse 3 symbols in WhatsApp messages, Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses, and Instagram stories, to mention a few examples.

There is no simpler approach than copying and pasting the desired character onto the desired page. There is, however, something about this approach that may make it your second option. Each time you wish to utilise the reverse 3 sign, you must first access the page from which you wish to copy the symbol.

Using a dedicated website

There are certain websites that allow you to mirror a certain text online. The website will help you turn the 3 upsides down. You can enter any text and it will flip. Here are the steps you need to follow to use a flipped text website.

Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ

Inserting Symbols

There is another easy way to insert the symbol 3 backwards into your texts. Just follow the procedure given below to insert the symbol 3 backwards. Let’s see the steps below:

Type Backwards 3 As Ɛ

Note: To get a large list of symbols, you must use a standard Windows font such as Arial or Times New Roman.

Backwards 3 symbol on Android and iPhone

Now that we know how to input the reverse 3 symbols on a PC, let’s see if we can do the same on an Android or iPhone. The difficulty, however, is that the Android keyboard does not provide an option to input the sign 3 backwards. You may thus just copy-paste it.

Not quite complicated, is it? Simply open your browser, copy the reversed 3 sign, and then paste it into any text.

Some facts

Typically, the reversed 3 is a lowercase variation. It was adapted from the mediaeval version of the Greek alphabet. It has the code U+03B5. It is also known as the lowercase letter epsilon () in Greek.

However, the genesis of the present variation of the inverted three is distinct. It is the contemporary equivalent of the Greek lowercase letter epsilon. It is commonly used to represent the heart sign and derives from mediaeval minuscule.

Does the sign of the reversed 3 resemble the letter E in any way?

In short, the answer is affirmative. Indeed, the reversed 3 resembles the letter E in the English alphabet. Numerous individuals have compared it to an upside-down E with no capital letters. However, the true sign derives from the number three.

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