Tricks to learn WordPress Faster

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According to statistics from Envisage Digital, 455 million websites are developed in WordPress, and there are a total of 1.3 billion websites in the world with WordPress CMS. These stats confirm how WordPress is a widely used CMS to build websites. In every freelancing platform, the skill of website development using WordPress is trending. In this article, I will discuss 9 useful tricks to learn WordPress faster, and you must be a good developer after following these 9 tricks to learn WordPress.

  1. Know about WordPress:

Before you start learning WordPress, you must have a complete understanding of WordPress. You must know WordPress and for which purpose it is used. According to the definition provided by Wikipedia: “With the help of a MySQL or MariaDB database, WordPress serves as an open-source content management system. WordPress has a plugin architecture and a template system, known as Themes, that may be used to customize the site”. With a wide range of themes and plugins of every type, you can easily develop a website with almost every type of unique requirement. With the Drag and drop feature, it is very easy for everyone to create a website without coding in a short period.

  1. Core Elements of WordPress:I will discuss core elements of WordPress one by one with examples to understand it easily. WordPress comes with one-click install functionality with a powerful admin panel and front view of the website. You can easily control the functionality of the WordPress website with the help of a dashboard. WordPress comes with an auto-install database that is easy to customize and change. It is auto Install and easy to use. After Installing WordPress, a demo theme is auto-installed; if you want to change any theme, you can log in to admin panel using your created username and password at the time of installation; after successful login, a Dashboard appears where you can see important details of your WordPress website. The first main element of WordPress is the Post option; as we know, WordPress is a CMS, so the post feature provides you a functionality to easily manage your blog and content using this feature. The second main element is Media, where you can upload Videos, Audio, and Images files for future use in Blog Posts. The third is the PAGE, where you can add, delete, edit and view pages of your websites. The fourth one is Comments; it is very important when your website consists of blogs, people can make comments on your blogs, and you can easily answer their questions by using this feature. The fifth one is Appearance, where you can completely change your website theme and its settings. The sixth one is Plugins. By using this, you can add any functionality to your website. Seventh is Users. You can easily add more users to manage your website with your assigned role. The last one is Tools and Settings, where you can easily change your website settings like your password and credentials.
    1. WordPress Themes:

    After the success of WordPress and the comfortability of using WordPress, many companies and designers use WordPress as a platform to showcase their skills. They provide the best quality WordPress themes to develop websites with beautiful designs. Some All-purpose WordPress themes are Astra, Ocean wp, News, Blog stream, Consulting, and Ewebot. There are all-purpose themes which I recommend using to learn website faster and easier.

    1. WordPress Plugins:

    If you are willing to add desired functionality to your website, you can use plugins. Some important best plugins of WordPress are Elementor to customize the theme, Slider Revolution for making slider, WooCommerce for making eCommerce website, Yoast SEO for SEO, wp-forms for making forms, Jetpack for WordPress security, WordPress Importer to import post and media,  Monster Insights to check your website progress and views, Loco Translate to translate your website into other languages, Auto Optimize to optimize your website, One Click Demo Import to import demo content in your website and Click to Chat to add different social media widgets into your WordPress site.

    1. Customization:

    Customization is very important when developing a website according to customer requirements. The customer wants changes into theme according to his requirements. The best plugins for customization are Elementor and Gutenberg without knowing Coding. You can also customize the site by editing theme code and plugins according to the given requirements if you know to code.

    1. Criteria for selecting a theme:

    The next important step is to select an appropriate theme for your website. It would help if you defined the criteria for selecting a theme. You must select a theme that satisfies your requirements. After selecting a theme, it is very difficult to change.

    1. How to Host a WordPress Website:

    Selecting the most suitable hosting is very important in WordPress. With a large number of plugins, files, and data. Hosting with better speed and access must be used for that website. Some of the best hosting providers for WordPress are Hostinger, Bluehost, and GoDaddy.

    1. WordPress Website Optimization:

    After using heavy themes and plugins, your website may work slowly, and it is a very annoying situation in some scenarios when your customers want more websites. For that purpose, you must optimize your WordPress website by deleting unused plugins and files. For that purpose, you also use the Auto Optimize plugin.

    1. WordPress Website SEO:

    Google is considered the best place to market your website and increase your business by using a google search engine. Almost every user on the internet uses the google search engine to search for specific websites. In this scenario, due to many competitor websites, you must be aware of SEO to rank your Website on the Google Search engine. For that purpose, you may use Yoast SEO Plugin.


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