TRACFONE APN Settings: Everything you need to Know

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The APN settings must be configured on your phone in order to connect to the internet or send/receive photo messages. TracFone is a provider of prepaid wireless cellular networks. It is renowned for its inexpensive prepaid plans. In order to eliminate the necessity for contracts, bills, credit checks, etc. No need to update your cellphone number if you need to replace your mobile device.

Here is detailed information on how to establish APN Settings for TracFone on your mobile device so that you may send/receive multimedia messages over the internet (picture messages).

Looking for the optimal Tracfone APN Settings? Then you are in the proper location. In this piece, I will inform you about the same thing. This tutorial will help you learn and comprehend the correct Tracfone APN settings. However, before we continue, do you know exactly what Tracfone is? Where does it operate, etc? No worries; continue reading to get knowledge.

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Tracfone Wireless


Tracfone is a well-known SIM card provider in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. You are aware that normal APN settings must be configured on your device for internet access to function properly. Therefore, in the parts that follow, we will examine the tasks and configurations required to access the internet. However, before we begin, why don’t we define APN?

APN !! What is it?

APN, or Access Point Name, is the configuration that points to a carrier’s Internet and MMS access specifiers/providers. In other words, APNs serve as a connection between 2G/3G/GSM/etc. services and the public internet. The standard and correctly configured APN settings enable optimal usage of 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE services. Let’s investigate the Tracfone Wireless APN Settings immediately.

Tracfone Wireless APN:

In this part, we will thus cover the optimal Tracfone Wireless APN setups and settings for high-speed internet access. Notably, the Tracfone Wireless APNs support a variety of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy series, ZTE, Blackberry, iPhones, and Windows phones. Consequently, the optimal APN setups will be presented below.

Standup APN Settings for Android:

To configure your device with these settings, follow these steps given below:

Settings Details
Name Tracfone (Thus use this)
APN att.mvno (Thus use this)
Proxy – (Thus use this)
Port – (Thus use this)
Username – (Thus use this)
Password – (Thus use this)
Server N/A (Thus use this)
MMSC (Thus use this)
MMS Proxy (Thus use this)
MMS Port 80 (Thus use this)
MCC 310 (Thus use this)
MNC – (Thus use this)
Authentication Type – (Thus use this)
APN Type default, MMS, supl, (Thus use this)
APN Protocol IPv4/IPv6(Thus use this)
APN Roaming Protocol IPv4/IPv6 (Thus use this)
Enable/Disable APN APN Enabled (Thus use this)
Bearer Unspecified (Thus use this)
MVNO Type None (Thus use this)
MVNO Value N/A (Thus use this)


Tracfone Wireless Mobile APN Settings for iPhone:

To configure iOS devices with these settings, follow these steps given below:


 Settings Details
APN att.mvno (Thus use this)
MMS Proxy
MMS Max Message Size 1048576


Tracfone Wireless Mobile APN for Windows Phones

To thus configure your Windows phones for Boost APN settings, follow the below-given steps:

Settings Details
Profile Name Tracfone (Thus use this)
APN att.mvno (Thus use this)
Username – (Thus use this)
Password – (Thus use this)
Type Of Sign In Info – (Thus use this)
IP Type IPv4 (Thus use this)
Proxy Server (Thus use this)
Proxy Port 80 (Thus use this)
MMSC (Thus use this)
MMSC Port – (Thus use this)
Maximum MMS Size 2048 (Thus use this)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I configure the APN on my phone?

For assistance with the APN configuration for your phone, please go to and enter your phone number. Follow the directions on that page.

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