Top Work From Home Jobs in 2022

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With everything that’s been going on lately around the world more and more businesses are moving online and that also means more and More people are willing to pay you to help them. Work from Home Jobs or Remote Jobs are a great way to earn extra income on the side of a full-time job or they can even be used as a stepping stone into becoming a full-time remote worker and ditching the nine-to-five job all together. They’re also really good for people with full-time commitments such as parents and careers who want to earn a bit of extra income and need the flexibility to work around their other commitments. So, whatever your goals are, the aim of writing is really just to show you a number of “work from home job” options that are available.


  • Software engineer/Software developer: people who code, are always going to be in high demand people need software developers and software application engineers to build a lot of the tools that we use in our everyday life. It is a very lucrative career and you don’t have to have a degree contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have a degree and dozens of years of experience in this field to get into this field there’s so many people who have taken boot camps and then gone into the technology space and worked as software engineers or web developers
  • Virtual Assistant or VA: Virtual Assistants provide admin support to small business owners or sometimes to managers within larger businesses. The type of tasks you’ll be doing as a VA will vary a lot depending on the type of your employer. The types of tasks include things like document formatting, organizing emails and responding to emails, updating and managing spreadsheets, diary management, online research for things like articles etc. The skills needed are basic MS Office skills. Also having a good knowledge of the main email providers like Outlook or Gmail can be helpful. You’ll also need to have a good grasp of the English language and a good ability to provide written communication and follow briefs.
  • Writer: Next work from home job on this list is writer and this can be broken down into three categories: article writer, copy writer and CV writer.
  • Article Writing involves writing relatively short articles or even blog posts for websites. Websites are in constant need of content to entertain their readers so there’s a really high demand for this type of work.
  • Copywriters are very similar to article writers but they write text specifically for advertisement type material for sales pages on websites or for leaflets and brochures, so it’s more geared towards encouraging readers to buy products or sign up for services.
  • CV Writer is essentially rewriting People’s CVs for them to help them get jobs or resumes.
  • English Teacher: There is a big demand for English tutoring in countries like Russia and China because a lot of parents out there want their children to speak English so to fill this demand a big number of companies have popped up offering English tutoring to people in these countries. The job involves running online teaching sessions with students and helping them to improve their English fluency via online interactions and the work schedule can be arranged flexibly to work around yourself and the students. To do this job you will need a good command of the English language. Some companies will also require you to have a degree or a TEFL certificate.
  • Data Entry: Now our data entry jobs are very simple. You are only helping companies to process and store their data by taking it from one source and entering onto another digital format like Excel or Spreadsheets etc. All the skill you need is to have a grip on Excel and Spreadsheet, and also the ability to read the information correctly and transfer it accurately.
  • Proofreading and Editing: There are a lot of businesses out there with websites who need lots of written content for their sites, and these businesses also need proofreaders and editors to check that the written content is correct and free of any spelling or grammar mistakes, before it gets published. Proofreading and editing require a very good knowledge of the English language and good attention to detail a lot of companies like their proof readers and editors to be from writing backgrounds so you could potentially start off doing some writing work and then gradually build your experience and then move over into a proofreading or editing role in the long run.
  • Customer Service: Customer service is a big part of most businesses and basically it is an office- based job. But, now as every business is becoming digital, most businesses provide online or remote Customer Service facilities and they hire remote customer service staff which is creating a lot more remote job opportunity. So, these jobs would involve all of your standard customer service duties, you might be answering questions over liv chat or email or you might be providing technical assistance about certain products over the phone. You don’t necessarily need previous customer service experience to do one of these jobs but just having good communication skills and a good way of dealing with people will give you a head start.
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  • Project Management: Project Management is a very portable career. Project management can be done from anywhere and almost every company needs project management especially technology. A lot of companies are ramping up and improving their products, creating new products and services. They need project managers to manage all those implementations and manage all of those releases and all of the process changes that are going on in their businesses.
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  • Recruiters: it is an employee’s market. Companies are trying to hire talent and they need recruiters. So many people are quitting their jobs leaving their jobs and so many major companies that used to be really good at hiring talent are struggling to hire people. So, they need really great recruiters and it’s something that you can do as a freelancer, as a contractor or there’s a lot of companies that are hiring permanent recruiters.
  • Human resources now a lot of people think that human resources and recruiting are one and the same but human resources is actually different from recruiting. Recruiting is focused on bringing talented people into an organization but human resources is what happens after that. Human Resources encompasses things like compensation, health care benefits, employee evaluation and retention etc.
This brings me to the end of the remote jobs list but before I wrap-up I would like to tell you a couple of things that you should really avoid when looking for remote or work from home jobs. Number one is avoiding ‘get-rich-quick schemes’ If you sign up for something like that it will usually be some kind of a scam where you’re asked to pay a lot of money for a piece of software or course that will apparently help you to generate lots of money in a short space of time. But the reality is it probably won’t work and it will actually leave you in much worse financial situation than you were before you started and that brings me on to the second thing that you should avoid when you’re looking for work from home jobs and that is paying money to the employer. If you’re applying for a job and the company is asking you to pay them for the privilege of working for them then that is a huge red flag.

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