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Instagram is not a new name to anyone now. It started as a regular social media website for sharing your personal stuff, but now it has become home to the largest number of Social Media users. This also makes it a tremendous place to earn income through different ways. Instagram provides many opportunities for its subscribers to make money along-with just browsing and surfing. In this article we will look upon the 5 most used ways of earning that people are taking advantage of around the globe.

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The top 5 methods of using Instagram as your source of income are:

  • Shoutouts/Sponsored Accounts
  • Flipping Accounts
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Brand Promotion
  • Virtual Assistance

Let’s us describe all these methods of earning briefly.


The first and easiest method to make money on Instagram is growing a theme account and then selling shoutouts. A “Shoutout” is basically another term for a promotion. Someone pays you to post on your Instagram account. People buy shoutouts for many different reasons. Most of them just want to promote their product on your Instagram account for your followers. However, some of them just want to post on your account so they can get more exposure to grow their own Instagram account. Most people use the DMs to contact you, agree on a price, and schedule everything there. But there are also other ways like listing your account on a website like ‘Shoutcart’ or ‘Plug Hype’. So, they can contact you there and also pay you through that platform. Selling shoutouts is in my opinion the easiest way to make money on Instagram because there isn’t really much skill required. People contact you; you tell them the price, they send you the payment and the post, then you post it, done. The hardest part of this first method is actually growing the audience. Unless you already own one or multiple Instagram accounts with thousands of followers. It’s going to take time to build up that follower account so you can actually start to sell shoutouts. In my observation, you start to get shoutout requests at around 10K followers.

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Flipping Accounts

So, let’s move on to the second way you can make money on Instagram which is “Flipping Instagram accounts”. This means that you buy existing Instagram accounts at a relatively low price. And then resell it at a higher price. The difference in price will then be your profit. The reason why this works quite well is because most people don’t really know what an account is worth. So, they are willing to sell for a quite low price and buy for a very high price. And the second reason is because many people just want to get rid of an account fast because it takes them up a lot of time to keep it going because they have to keep posting content. So, they just want to get rid of it and are willing to sell for a very low price. If you want to get into flipping accounts, it is suggested that you start with a small budget that you’re comfortable with. Don’t aim for the larger amounts in the beginning because firstly, you need to build up your knowledge, so you can differentiate between a good deal and a bad deal. That’s the key to make money here.

Affiliate Marketing

The third strategy you can use is called “Affiliate Marketing”. Now Affiliate marketing is amazing because in this you don’t actually need a product to sell. What you need is a small audience it could be 50 people, 5 000 or 5 million people, it doesn’t matter. What you need is a keen knowledge of the priorities and interests of your audience. You then find products/services of their interest, promote them, and share an affiliate link of the site from where you want to buy that product or service. Then, as a result of every purchase via that link, you receive a fix amount of commission from the seller. There are many affiliate programs which are running successful businesses, and many people are earning a handsome amount through this method. Since, Instagram is a huge market for online customers, putting affiliate links on Instagram really works. All you need to do is find trusted sellers or websites so that when people purchase your recommended goods, they get exactly they expected, and, thus, your reputation is not ruined.

Promote Your Business

Instagram, as we all know is has a large number of users. It has approximately 1Billion subscribers and about 50Million daily active users, which makes it a largest social media site. Instagram is an excellent platform for promoting your business, either small scale or a large brand. You can just create your business profile at Instagram, start publishing post regarding the products or services you sell. To reach out to more audiences, you need to run Ad campaigns on Instagram which helps in promoting your business widely. This increases your potential buyers. There are numerous people who are running their personal small businesses online through Instagram and other social media sites. Other than that, big brands who have already established their place in markets, also use Instagram to advertise and promote their brands.

Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistance is one of the top earning works now a days. All a Virtual Assistant does is become and assistant to some influencer, brand, big business etc., while staying behind-the-scenes. VA is responsible for taking care of someone’s social media accounts and online business, help them in increasing followership, manages their ad campaigns, sharing content that generates more views and followers and in many other ways help to grow your business online. One can provide their services as a virtual assistant and earn a good amount of money by using Instagram and other sites as well.


Currently, everyone be it a student, a housewife, an entrepreneur or a job holder, are looking for some side ways to earn some extra money to meet their needs. In such situation, there are various online platforms that provide different objectives to people to work from home, from anywhere in the world, to utilize their time and skills to earn passive income, so that everyone can lead a content life and fulfill their dreams. Different Social Media sites are creating opportunities for people to do so, and Instagram is one such name, which is helping people in getting some good amount of income in return of their services. There are many other ways also, other than those we have discussed here. Anyone can try these methods by putting a little effort and time, and start earning.


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