Best Gaming Headsets in 2023. See our Top 5 List [Updated]

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The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox is the greatest best gaming headsets  that we’ve tested. These feature-rich headphones are available for PlayStation/PC or Xbox/PC. However, the Xbox version is compatible with both systems, making it an excellent option for gamers that play on many platforms with best gaming headsets. These excellent and comfy over-ear headphones have a wireless USB transmitter that brings functions such as channel mixing, EQs, and sidetone within easy reach. In addition, its transmitter offers very minimal latency, which is ideal for maintaining music and images in sync when gaming. These headphones have a dual battery cartridge system, allowing you to keep one battery in the transmitter while using the other. Each battery provides about 25 hours of continuous listening time to make best gaming headsets.
They feature a balanced profile out of the box with a bit of additional thump and boom to assist accentuate sound effects such as footsteps in your gameplay. You may fine-tune their sound using the transmitter or the visual EQ and presets of their associated programme. If you like playing games with others, their retractable boom mic will ensure that your voice sounds clear and natural, even in fairly loud surroundings. In contrast to many other gaming headphones on the market, they are equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC), which may help block out noises like your computer’s fan and ambient conversation. They also feature Bluetooth, allowing you to simultaneously connect your console and smartphone.
There are several reasonable alternatives for the finest gaming headphones, so you should not have to deal with poor audio. Whether you’re attempting to pinpoint an enemy’s footsteps as they race by or just want to listen to music while you work, the drivers in your headset are responsible for making everything sound great. We meticulously test as many gaming headphones as we can get our ears into due to the fact that some just aren’t up to par. The headsets on this list were selected from hundreds evaluated by the PC Gamer hardware team and myself.

These headphones provide the highest audio quality for gamers at both ends of the price range. We oppose gaming headphones that overemphasise low frequencies since, in most situations, this results in a horrible bass response. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on the finest gaming headphones, which include balanced drivers that need minimum adjustment on your end. Some of the top gaming headsets, such as the Razer Blackshark V2 and the HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless, are available for less than $100. (opens in new tab). Obviously, if you are willing to pay more, the luxury alternatives seem wonderful with best gaming headsets.

Best gaming headsets

1.Razer BlackShark V2

Best gaming headsets

It was not simple to dethrone the HyperX Cloud Alpha(opens in new tab) from the top rank. The BlackShark V2 gaming headset from Razer accomplishes this feat by providing superior audio quality, an affordable price, and user-friendly software. As soon as Razer began discussing the BlackShark V2, it was evident that this was the headset’s primary emphasis, and the design of the drivers itself successfully replicates the amazing Cloud Alphas.

The 50mm TriForce Titanium speakers use distinct ports to prevent bass, midrange, and treble tones from interfering with one another. The result is a headset with a deeper sound than a regular set, on par with HyperX’s 50mm dual-chamber neodymium driver headset. They resemble an homage to HyperX’s original design, yet are not inferior as a result.
For me, the sound quality of the BlackShark V2 is one of its defining characteristics, since it is superior to that of the vast majority of competing sets in this price range. I’m also a huge admirer of the headset’s understated style, and I’ve found it to be comfortable enough for lengthy gaming sessions.
The release of the wireless BlackShark V2 Pro, which is much more costly, is the sole reason why I no longer use them as my daily drives (opens in new tab). They use the same drivers, have a lag-free wireless connection, and a long battery life, but they are expensive. However, we have seen discounts as low as $130, so it is worth checking into. The total pricing of the wired BlackShark V2 headset is also noteworthy; they are often available for less than $100, which makes them an excellent steal.

2. HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless

Best gaming headsets

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is maybe the most lauded product on our website. We all adore it on the team, and now HyperX has discontinued their finest set of headphones. This headset’s major drawback is its new enormous battery. In wireless mode, the headset offers up to 300 hours of battery life while being reasonably lightweight and comfortable. I believe HyperX has accomplished this colossal accomplishment.
This device reported about 80% charge out of the box, so I opted to leave it there to see how well it held. I spent a whole morning listening to music and double-checked the battery: it still read 80%. I’ve been gaming and listening to music on this device quite constantly for the last week, and we’re still at 50% battery life.
Obviously, this remarkable battery life is a best-case situation. This is much dependent on the volume setting of the headset, which is also my only genuine criticism. It is certainly loud enough, yet I can listen to it at maximum level while being somewhat comfortable.
However, the sound quality is simply remarkable. Music sounds amazing. It’s always entertaining to listen to some of my favourite sound-heavy tracks on a decent set of headphones while attempting to identify the various instruments or sounds employed. These are one of the best gaming headphones I’ve used to listen to music, and they perform well.
When playing video games, the directional audio is also excellent. I had a great time jumping to the tight rhythms of Shadow Warrior 3 and was able to effortlessly discover concealed batteries in Deep Rock Galactic thanks to the directional beeps. I loaded Doom Eternal and was immediately horrified. If you’ve ever wanted to hear what it sounds like when a Cacodemon suddenly appears and whispers nice blah-things into your left ear, then these will definitely satisfy your curiosity.
The Cloud series is renowned for its comfort, and despite the big battery, this model still meets the criteria. I suffer with excessive weight or pressure on my head, and I am quite sensitive to unpleasant headsets. Underneath the strong top band is comfortable cushioning. This, along with the extremely plush ear cups, offers for a highly comfortable experience and a superb noise-blocking capability.
Sadly, the microphone is of a very common design, and while it will function OK for in-game conversation, the sound quality is somewhat uninspiring.
I find it difficult to fathom a buyer who would not be satisfied with them as a wireless gaming headset. They are expensive, but not unreasonable given their specifications, and they provide everything you might desire for gaming and music listening on your PC.

3. Razer Kraken X

The Kraken X is a budget-friendly alternative to the expensive Razer Kraken(opens in new tab) that thrives on PC for one simple reason: simulated 7.1 surround sound. This feature, which is accessible through an app, enhances the headset’s already excellent audio quality by providing more depth, clarity, and definition. It also makes it impossible to return to the X’s default audio setting.
In our testing, it was evident that the Kraken X would not be able to compete with the finest of HyperX’s Cloud line, or even with its Razer stablemates, but for the price, the Kraken X delivers.
When you factor in unrivalled comfort, a lightweight, elegant, and modest design, this edition of the Kraken represents an exceptional bargain. A non-detachable microphone is the biggest issue, but at such a cheap price, you can’t complain about the 7.1 surround sound.
We do not believe you will find a better gaming headset for less than $50 than these Razer headphones.

4. Beyerdynamic MMX 100

This is not Beyerdynamic’s first best gaming headsets, but the MMX 100 is its most well-rounded product to date. When you consider that these wonderfully crafted headphones are available for less than $100, it’s simple to see why they made our list of the finest headsets.
Despite using a closed-back construction, the MMX 100s provide a remarkably broad soundstage, devoid of the muddiness and excessive bass that sometimes afflict gaming headsets. The bass is so well tuned that it lacks the distortion and boominess characteristic of most gaming headphones. The mids and highs are razor-sharp, revealing all the minute nuances and audible signals, like as footsteps and reloads.
In addition, Beyerdynamics’ use of lightweight materials and memory foam on the earcups and headband make these headphones very comfortable for lengthy listening periods.
The overall construction is absolutely amazing, however the volume dial is quite bothersome. It had a significant amount of play on my unit, allowing it to rock back and forth without affecting the volume while creating static in the right ear cup while increasing the level and often shutting off the audio on the right side entirely. This is mostly around the maximum volume setting. The audio may be fixed with minor volume tweaks, but the issue is so upsetting for a headset of this quality that I’m inclined to assume it was unique to my unit and not widespread.With the MMX 100, Beyerdynamic has unquestionably smashed the competition. At $99, it’s a phenomenal deal, and I’d be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable or better-sounding one. The Steelseries Arctis Prime(opens in new tab) comes close in terms of comfort, but not sound. Putting aside the volume dial problem on my unit, this is without a doubt one of the greatest gaming headphones currently available.

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5. Epos H6PRO

Best gaming headsets

Epos is progressively moving away from its Sennheiser heritage and assembling its own collection of exceptional gaming headphones. As the company’s first attempt at a truly flagship product without the Sennheiser brand, the H6PRO is a major contributor.
The H6PRO provides a really premium headset experience. To keep them sounding excellent, there are snazzy new 42mm drivers that have been adjusted to provide a more balanced and bass-light profile than your typical gaming headset. In addition, it has a high-quality microphone with both flip-to-mute and detachable designs.
The H6PRO is offered with either an open or closed back. The variance will have an effect on the noise isolation, audio responsiveness, and comfort of the headset. In terms of gaming headset features, it is, thus, a substantial choice.
I’ve used both open-back and closed-back headsets, and if you want noise isolation (preventing outside noise from entering your ear canals), you’ll need the closed-back H6PRO headset. If that is not critical, then the H6PRO headset with an open-back will provide a greater gaming soundstage.
With the H6PRO, Epos has created a new flagship that is very competitive and outstanding. The issue is that they come with a premium price tag of $179 (£149, €179) and you should really consider going wireless if you are OK with a wired headset; if there’s one peripheral that’s worth going wireless with, it’s your headset.
However, if you are willing to invest that sort of money, you can be certain that the Epos H6PRO is constructed to a quality commensurate with its price.

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