Top 10 Tips for a Programming Interview in 2022

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According to the recent boost in the software development industry, getting a job with just a degree seems complicated, especially in under-developed countries. Skills matter a lot more than degrees in the software development field. Only those people can get a programming job who are educational qualified; they are also skilled. I have been working as a Software Developer for the last five years. For the programming interview, I am sharing some golden tips for getting a job without hustling any platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancer. Here are some tips to succeed in a programming interview in 2022.

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  1. Make a habit to Read Job Description:

I am also running a software company. I always post a job with a detailed description in which I explain all responsibilities that someone could be responsible for when he gets hired. So always read a job description carefully and understand it as well. Please don’t go through it in detail, but you must be familiar with all the concepts.

  1. Be on time:

Almost all programming interviews are scheduled, and specific dates and times are given. Make sure you must reach your interview destination on time. If you are late for any reason, you must clarify before the interview because the deadline matters a lot in programming. If you are late on an interview day interviewer can take it more seriously when he wants to decide with your competitors.

  1. Understand the problem:

After a detailed theoretical interview, there must be a technical interview. In a technical interview, a problem is given to you to solve through coding and logic. Read the problem carefully and understand it as well before solving it. The best practice to solve any problem in computer science is to design an algorithm. So, it would help if you designed an algorithm to solve a problem. After that, right pseudocode rather than syntax if you are advised to write a solution on paper. Their primary purpose is to judge your problem ability rather than writing a code with syntax. If you are weak in remembering the syntax of programming language, it is not a problem, but you must have the ability to solve a problem by making logic.

  1. Test before finishing:

After writing the code, the next step is to test and analyze an algorithm. Testing and maintaining code quality is also considered a backbone of software development. Make a habit of testing your code every time before handling it to the project manager or client.

  1. Work Smart not Hard:

In programming, this phrase matters a lot. Rather than writing an extended code, you must be able to make it simple. For that purpose, you must be aware of analyzing code or algorithms. In 2022, writing code is not a problem, and there is many Drag and drop software available to write existing code without any problem. So, in this era, you must be aware of making logic and make code simple which is easy to understand and modify.

  1. Prepare your Portfolio:

If you are a programmer and don’t have a portfolio, it isn’t easy to get a job. Having experienced and a properly managed portfolio is a must in the programming world. It does not matter if you have an experience certificate; you must have a portfolio website with all the past projects you have worked on. It is a golden tip if you are looking for a freelance or remote job.

  1. Ask for help:

Don’t be afraid or shy if you have any problem understanding or writing a solution to a problem. You may ask for help in writing an answer. It will be a good practice in programming because, in most cases, you will work in groups where you will complete a task with the help of senior programmers. Don’t tell me you are not able to solve this problem. You must try and solve it.

  1. Don’t change your interest:

In the programming world, you must have one skill in which you are an expert. I am not asking you to stop learning other skills. You must know about and try to work on it if the interviewer asks to do it in a job but make sure you work primarily on that skill in which you are an expert. It would help if you chose that job which matches your interest.

  1. Way of Communication:

Your way of communication during the programming interview is also considered an essential aspect. You must be humble and polite during the interview. Don’t get hyper.

  1. Learning Capability:

The last and the essential. point is your learning capability. The interviewer must check how fast you learn and implement new things. It would help if you were given a task to understand and implement to limit this ability.

Following these tips will be a 90% chance you will get hired.

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