Top 10 Free WordPress Ecommerce Themes

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If you want to learn about best WordPress Themes, then you are the right place? In this time of pandemic online shopping is the most convenient and easy way for shopping. Buying things online is an old activity with the rise of the internet but the current pandemic gives a boost to this business known as Ecommerce. Every businessman is trying to launch his own website and start selling online. For this purpose, WordPress is the best option to create your online store without the knowledge of coding. It is difficult for a businessman to choose which WordPress eCommerce theme is best for their business. In WordPress, you can easily turn your website into eCommerce and start selling with only one plugin known as Woo Commerce.
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WordPress is considered as the topmost CMS used for the development of eCommerce websites due to its functionalities such as One-click theme installation, Drag and Drop plugins and a large variety of themes libraries. So, it is very important to know that which are the top and most used eCommerce themes in WordPress. In this article, we are going to discuss the Topmost WordPress eCommerce themes and also make a comparison of features. Here is the list of Top 10 WordPress eCommerce themes.
  1. Botiga:
Using Botiga, you’ll be able to showcase and emphasize your items in a clean, contemporary eCommerce theme. It has a simple, attractive design that can be used by any company. One-click demo import and a simple admin interface are just some of the features that come with it. Several listing and checkout styles, three product gallery layouts, and different product cart layouts are also included with your subscription. Botiga’s product search, suggestion, and filtering capabilities are other standouts. Special bargains and discounts may also be highlighted using different badge designs. This will enhance your clients’ shopping experience and make it simpler for you to advertise certain product lines. Botiga has six blog archive templates to select from if you want to add a blog to your online store. All in all, this theme is an excellent choice for creating an aesthetically beautiful and user-friendly shop on
  1. Astra:
The Astra theme claims to be the quickest WordPress theme, which is important for eCommerce businesses. Since no one likes to sit around and wait for the website to load before buying their favorite things, Elementor page builder plugins like Elementor are another reason why Astra is so distinctive. You can quickly construct a unique layout for your business using drag and drop features. As a bonus, the theme is quite customizable, allowing you to adjust the color scheme and font style. Using the Elementor page builder plugin, you have a wide range of customization possibilities available with this theme. Additionally, Astra is SEO-friendly, translation-ready, and accessible. Additionally, the Astra theme has a giant menu and translucent headers, making it much more versatile.
  1. Sydney:
Many clients place a high value on trust, and it’s easy to see why: trust determines whether or not you’ll close a deal. The same level of faith should be placed in your selection of topic. Sydney has been a long-time leader in this field. You’ll be familiar with the concept of social proof as an eCommerce seal of approval. According to Elementor’s recommendation, Sydney’s layout design is a good fit. As an added bonus, you’ll have access to the industry’s most advanced drag-and-drop page builder plugin. In order to jumpstart your eCommerce business as fast as possible, Sydney provides one-click imports of its demonstrations. Sydney has a variety of time-saving and useful features, such as being completely translation-ready and having a set of strong theme settings that can be applied to any page. Despite the fact that there is a paid edition, this is all accessible for free. If you’re looking for an eCommerce theme, Sydney has everything you’re looking for. It has a lot of fantastic features, plus it has the Elementor plugin’s power beneath the hood. Furthermore, it’s completely free, making it worth a try for everyone!
  1. Zigsy Lite:
As a result, you won’t have any issues customizing your online shop using the WordPress Customizer with the Zigsy Lite theme. Additionally, you have the option of creating a stunning homepage that highlights your greatest and most popular goods in addition to changing the colors and fonts. In addition, the theme includes stunning and customized checkout pages that will help you increase your checkout conversion rates even more. Using the WooCommerce-integrated theme will allow you to benefit from features like the ability to search items and content, a call-to-action area that encourages users to check out the newest products, and more. The Zigsy Lite theme is also completely responsive and comes with a beautiful slider that is ideal for displaying your store’s special promotions.. Aside from these features, the theme is simple to set up and tuned to load quickly.
  1. Open Shop:
The modern versatile Open Shop theme is ideal for anything from restaurants to beauty businesses. To help you get started with your own designs, this eCommerce theme comes with a range of pre-made templates. There are three primary header styles, eight widget, and footer choices, a color manager, product carousels, and more to select from when customizing your store’s look and feel. The design and layout of this theme aren’t very distinctive, but it’s tightly linked with WooCommerce, making it a snap to set up an online store with it. In addition, the one-minute setup and the live customizer make this a good option for beginners searching for an easy-to-use theme.
  1. E-Store:
Estore is a free, appealing eCommerce store theme that you can use. The WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugins are compatible with this theme, so you can start selling right away. The free edition of eStore still has a lot to offer, despite the fact that it lacks many of the features of the paid version. Customization is a snap because of the theme’s integration with well-known page builders like Elementor and Beaver. Aside from that, you’ll have access to different widget sections and the ability to create your own. The free version gives you complete control over the sidebar and container layout settings. Estore’s free beginning site and one-click demo import make getting started very simple. 7.Leto: Leto is a free WordPress theme with a gorgeous shopping cart that comes with amazing eCommerce features. It’s a clean and contemporary design with a huge banner picture for promoting your sales and other specials. Using the Leto WordPress theme, you may run a wide variety of online stores. When you open the theme settings, you’ll see exactly how many choices are available for customizing the design. For example, you may alter the color scheme, typefaces, typography, and more. If you’re already acquainted with WordPress, you’ll be pleased to know that the default customizer includes all of these features. Several widgets are available in Leto for customizing your homepage in a variety of ways. Because of the simplicity with which you can move and add media and advertising, this is ideal for eCommerce sites. Widgets may be used to display a gallery of your whole product line. As a result, visitors will have a clear idea of what you have to offer from the moment they land on your site. You may also utilize the Leto theme’s built-in translation capabilities to make your site a translation-ready interface, where you can either translate the pages yourself or have the people who use your site translate them for you. If you’re looking for something that’s both functional and visually appealing, this is a great option.
  1. Vantage:
Site Origin’s Vantage is a stunning, feature-rich eCommerce theme. A full-width slider, eye-catching symbols, and large headline typography provide for an impressive first impression on the site. Vantage is a highly functioning free theme that includes certain premium-only features. With the help of some of the top free plugins on the market today, this may be done. You may use Meta Slider to create an image slider, drag-and-drop Page Builder to create a layout, and WooCommerce to sell things directly from your website. You have total control over your site’s design because of its tight interaction with Page Builder, which means it can be utilized in a broad range of industries. For a commercial website or a professional blog, Vantage is the ideal theme, in my view. Learn WordPress:
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  1. Wootsify:
Web design themes are offered on the promise that they would help you get started fast with your new project. However, if you’re running an e-commerce site, you’ll need to spend more time on your design. The good news is that Wootsify offers all the tools you need to get there. As a reminder, Wootsify is still capable of a quick setup. It comes with a variety of ready-to-use samples, all of which are easy to set up and integrate with the included Elementor page builder plugin. It shines even brighter if you have more specific needs for your site. With Wootsify, you have an abundance of hooks and filters right at your fingertips. These WordPress code snippets allow you to create almost any feature on your website, even if you don’t have any coding experience. Even if you’re working with a developer to bring your idea to life, these tools may help. Wootsify, in my view, is the best eCommerce theme for scaling. Use the supplied templates and functionality to start constructing your site, then hire a developer to make further upgrades. It’s conceivable that you may use this theme throughout the duration of your eCommerce venture.
  1. Gutenshop:
Gutenshop may be able to assist you if you’re looking for a basic website for your online store. Its clean and simple design makes it a great place to start when creating your online shop. This WooCommerce-powered eCommerce theme comes with a built-in page builder, making it easy for beginners to get started. It also has a one-page store, checkout and cart pages, and a blog. If you’re going for a clean, uncluttered aesthetic, this is the style for you. On the other hand, if you’re searching for a simple, no-frills theme for your online boutique or store, Gutenshop might be just what you need. There is a premium version available if you want more functionality, like support, additional header styles, and compatibility with Elementor. Rank your Site:
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