Sony Portable Blu-Ray Disc/Dvd Player Bdp-Sx910

Sony Portable Blu-Ray Disc/Dvd Player Bdp-Sx910

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Sony Portable Blu-Ray Disc/Dvd Player Bdp-Sx910:

If you want features and high-quality image processing of a Blu-ray player in a portable package, then  Sony BDP-SX910 9″ Portable Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player is one BIG choice. It has a weight of just 3 pounds and a 9 inched LCD screen. This DVD player can be your true travel companion and let you enjoy your day in full. 

5 Amazing Specs of Sony Portable Blu-Ray Disc/Dvd Player Bdp-Sx910:

We recommend you this Disc and DVD player as it is handy with the most up to mark specs. We have searched the market globally and come to an end with this extraordinary DVD player. Let’s discuss the features of the Sony Portable Blu-Ray Disc/Dvd Player Bdp-Sx910 below:

9″ LCD Widescreen:

This portable DVD player comes with a built-in screen of 9 inches that can easily rotate to an angle of 180 degrees. So you can view the movies or anything else in the most comfortable position. For us, this DVD player has proved to be a benchmark with a resolution of high-quality 800 x 480 display. Moreover, by connecting it with 1080p HDTV, the player supports the output of 1080/24p video.

Multi-Format Playback:

We have been searching for a compatible player and here is our search ended with Sony Portable Blu-Ray Disc/Dvd Player Bdp-Sx910. It is an incredibly great player that supports  DVD-R, DVD+R,  DVD-RW, CD-DA (Audio CD), DVD+RW, CD-R, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, and CD-RW playback. 

The best part about this Bluray disc player is that we can also enjoy whatever we want as it supports JPEG, MP3, and AVCHD formats as well. 

USB Port for Music, Photos & Video Playback With Headphone out:

What we love the most about this player is the USB port feature that most players miss out. This port enables you to enjoy your special moments as it has a USB memory drive where you can save your favorite stuff as well. Moreover, we also tried to connect our camcorders with it, and it was successful. The headphone out is totally a plus point for people like me who travel on subways and want to avoid noise. 

Parental Control Settings and BRAVIA Sync:

This DVD player is much advanced and futuristic. It is one of the rarest DVD players that are featuring parent control. It will help you enable and add parental control locks so you can decide what disc should be played back. 

Furthermore, you can also link compatible devices together with BRAVIA sync with just one push button. These devices can easily be operated using the BRAVIA remote control. 

Long Battery Life and Portability:

Nothing to get worried about recharging your device as Sony portable Blu-ray disc/DVD player BDP-sx910 includes a 4.5-hour lasting rechargeable battery. It has 2 hours of watching time for movies. 

We love one of the things in this device and that is its portability. You can easily fold it up into a bag that makes it easy for you to carry it along. The compact size of the Sony portable Blu-ray disc/DVD player bdp-sx910 is recommended for those who travel too often.

What do We Suggest About Sony’s portable Blu-ray disc/DVD player bdp-sx910?

We have got into in-depth details of this remarkably great DVD player that proves to be a really the best one. Overall, we totally love this player as it is compatible, portable, durable, and it is price worthy.

We have tried a few other players as well and this player is far good. The only issue we faced is that it must include features like Bluetooth to make it more futuristic. The build quality is great, but the design is too typical. It would appeal to more people if it had a more appealing look. 

Moreover, there are a few players that feature replaceable batteries and some of them have a battery timing up to 8 hours. So, if you want to use it for more than 2 hours without charging it, then it is definitely not the perfect player. 

By critically reviewing it, we came across the point that overall it is a great player that needs a few more advancements and modifications. We give this player 8 out of 10 points. 

3 Recommended Accessories:

Below are the recommended accessories with this Blu-ray disc/DVD player BDP-sx910:

  • The slim DVD cases with clear packs are the top ones
  • Premium Microfiber Lens Cloth (8 x 8″), you can buy it from Amazon at affordable prices
  • Y adapters 



The Sony BDP-SX910 9″ Portable Blu-ray Disc/DVD Player is no doubt a perfect and solid choice for everyone who wants to enjoy favorite movies and all TV shows just on the go. It is the most versatile device that has up-to-mark features and specs with various compatibility options. 

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