Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch Internet LED TV

Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch Internet LED TV Review

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Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch Internet LED TV Review

For many years, Sony has been a pioneer in the television sector, and its Bravia range of products is renowned for offering superb picture quality and cutting-edge functionality. This is also true of the 46-inch Internet LED TV from Sony, the Bravia HX750.

It appears like Sony won’t be making a formal appearance anytime soon. When we tested the KDL-46HX750, we were delighted by its screen’s performance, which had a strong contrast ratio and true colors.

Sony still has to improve in terms of 3D and internet capabilities, though. Although the 3D quality wasn’t poor, there were a few glitches. Not to mention Sony’s convoluted smart TV platform, which is undoubtedly not the easiest to use.

This television stands out from other models in its class thanks to a variety of capabilities, such as internet access. In this review, we’ll examine the Sony Bravia HX750 in detail and assess its capabilities.

Specs of Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch Internet LED TV

Check out the specs of the sony bravia HX750 46-inch Internet LED TV.

A Modern Marvel: Exploring the Design of Sony Bravia 46-inch HX750 LED TV

A sleek and contemporary television with a matte black finish is the Sony Bravia HX750. It has a thin bezel that is only 0.63 inches wide, giving it a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

Without the stand, the TV’s dimensions are 42.5 x 25.9 x 3.8 inches, and it weighs 26.5 pounds. The stand is a straightforward rectangle that provides stability and is simple to put together.

Moreover, When it comes to design, Sony isn’t exactly breaking new ground. The HX750 doesn’t catch people’s attention because of its simple rectangular base and lack of ultra-thin bezels. Despite this, it’s still a respectable-looking TV amid a sea of alternatives.

However, The inputs and outputs are on the left side of the TV’s back, if you look at it from that angle. Two USB ports, two HDMI ports, a VGA port, an analog audio input, and a 3.5mm headphone jack can all be found on the TV’s side.

The distinct composite & item inputs, which are becoming less common these days, are one fascinating feature. An Ethernet jack, a wireless antenna input, a S/PDIF output, and two additional HDMI ports may be found below them.

From Pixels to Perfection: A Review of the Picture Quality of Sony LED TV

The HX750 had great color accuracy, with colors that adhered to the HDTV industry standard. Additionally, the black-and-white levels—which determine a television’s contrast—were good. Because the HX750 can achieve extremely deep black depths, darker photographs will exhibit greater detail.

This TV, Sony HX750 46-inch LED TV  does provide a motion processing function called Motionflow. Smooth, Standard, Clear, Clear Plus, plus Impulse are the five options.

When activated, the clear settings and impulse both reduced the lighting. The most shocking instances of the feared Soap appear to produce by Smooth and Standard.

The Audio Experience: Judging the Sound Quality of Sony LED TV

The TV’s sound quality was superior to the majority of the other sets in our test. Two 10-watt speakers on the Sony Bravia HX750 provide sound that is crystal clear and sharp.

Additionally, Sony’s S-Force Front Surround technology, which creates a simulated surround sound experience, is present on the TV.

Bringing Entertainment to Life: The 3D Capabilities of Sony HX750 46-inch LED TV

Sony HX750 46-inch LED TV has incorporated active 3D technology into their televisions. The glasses display your eyes with fast-switching pictures, tricking your brain into perceiving a three-dimensional vision. The result is a rather nice 3D experience on the Sony Bravia HX750, however, there are some drawbacks.

The glasses are the primary issue we have while viewing 3D on this TV. Sony did not provide any glasses with the TV, which is unfortunate but not fatal.

The fact that the glasses are heavy and unpleasant may be a deal breaker for some folks, especially while watching a two-hour 3D movie.

The other issue is crosstalk, which occurs frequently to be a distraction. Crosstalk occurs when an image intended for one eye appears in the other, resulting in a phenomenon known as “ghosting.” Although the crosstalk fault does not spoil the 3D experience completely, it is worth noting that Sony’s 3D is far from ideal.

The Smarter Choice: A Look at the Smart TV Features of Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch LED TV

When it comes to the smart TV platform for its HX750 model, Sony appears to be having trouble deciding. Why were there two separate interfaces included? It’s a puzzle. But allow me to offer my opinion on each of them.

Applications, Sony Entertainment Network, & Internet Content are all covered in the first interface, which is a component of the Home Menu.

However, scrolling through these menus may be a real chore, especially if you’re looking to do something as easy as using an app or changing the image mode.

Fortunately, Sony creates an additional user interface called the Sony Entertainment Network, which you can use by pushing the “SEN” button on the remote, to solve their issue.

Why Sony HX750 46-inch LED TV added the Home Menu layout in the first place is a mystery given how much more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing this interface is than the other. It appears to be a pointless and perplexing inclusion.

Our Recommendations

The Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch LED internet TV received several excellent performance ratings. It truly excelled in the two categories of having outstanding contrast and great colors.

Even though this Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch LED internet TV didn’t have the finest viewing angle, it performed respectably in terms of the motion.

If we talk about the color quality of the Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch LED TV, Color accuracy is pretty good. The Sony HX750 produces an extremely realistic color spectrum.

While blues are less saturated and will seem less vivid than they should be, greens and reds are perfectly accurate. The number of color temperature mistakes on this TV was minimal since the white point is where it ought to be.

Furthermore, In particular, when compared to several other TVs in its price range, the Sony HX750 46-inch LED TV’s contrast value of 3386:1 is good. With a white level of 203.16 cd/m2, it does not become as bright as the other TVs, but its excellent black intensity of 0.06 cd/m2 is more than made for it.


The Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch LED TV’s (MSRP: $1,599) design appears to be guided by the adage “function over form.”
Although it has an average aesthetic, the Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch LED TV provides high contrast and properly portrays colors.

Although there are many settings available and Sony’s menu system is unattractive, the user has enough power to tailor the TV to their tastes.

The smart TV platform and the 3D are two of the HX750’s shortcomings. There is a problem with Sony’s use of two different interfaces for gaining access to online material, and the HX750’s 3D occasionally experiences crosstalk.

The Sony Bravia HX750 46-inch LED TV is simple to suggest based just on performance ratings, but people will purchase (and pay for) this TV due to its extra features. In the end, we will say, $1,599 seems a touch pricey.

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