Snapchat Charms List and How to get them with Friends? [Updated 2023]

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Currently, everyone is glued to snapchat charms list due to its captivating qualities. For example, Snapchat’s visual filters and text that can be added to messages and its reward system. This method rewards you based on the number and frequency of your communications. Snapchat snapchat charms list used to reward Trophies, but now Snapchat Charms list are awarded instead. This site will provide all the information you want about these new Snapchat charms list.

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What is Snapchat?

Almost everyone has seen photographs of individuals with dog ears, heart freckles, and floating flowers on their heads. In addition, I am certain that you all understand what I am talking about. Specifically, Snapchat. This smartphone app is distinct from other social media since it combines photos and text messages. Snapchat’s unique camera allows you to try on a different appearance with a single swipe on the smartphone screen. Simply, Snapchat allows you to communicate with your pals via photos. Snapchat has over 500 million users, making it one of the biggest social networking sites.

What are Charms on Snapchat?

snapchat charms list are amusing, unique souvenirs that honor your connections. Based on your interactions and connections with your pals, you get more charms.

Open a Friendship or Group Profile and scroll to the bottom to display Charms. You may touch each Charm to gain further information about it To return to the previous screen, touch outside the Charm or swipe down.

Where did Snapchat Trophies go?

Previously, Snapchat had a prominent feature known as Snapchat Trophies. It was essentially a concealed badge-unlocking mechanism after doing anything in the application. These prizes were symbolised by over fifty emojis that were locked. To unlock these Trophies, you must create new friends, send a particular amount of messages, or validate your email address. These are accessible through their Trophy Case, as seen in the picture below.

Looking for Snapchat Charms list

Snapchat has recently replaced Trophies to Charms with its recent update. These Snapchat Charms can be found in in your friendship details with another Snapchat user. The steps are as follows:

1: Open the Snapchat app which shows the camera screen.

snapchat charms list

2: Either you can use the search option to find any friend or go to your Chat List.

snapchat charms list

3: Select any one of your friend and then click on their username.

4: Then in the top left corner you will find a users icon or their bitmoji just click on it.

5: Then you will find an the chat attachments and from there you can add attach charm from there.

How snapchat charms list are added to the profile?

Essentially, charms are surprises that are added to your profile based on your relationship or contact with your pals. Snapchat just does this to keep you amused. Charms are only visible to you and the friends with whom you have the most engagement. If you are banned or removed from a friend’s list, you are unable to see charms. However, you have the option of concealing and revealing the charms as you see fit. wish.

So here are some options you can do to Hide and UnHide the Charms:

Steps To Hide A Charm:

There are easy steps you can do to hide a charm on your friends profile and your profile.

snapchat charms list

This way you can hide your charms for friends and your account.

Steps To Unhide A Charm:

So now you have hidden the charms and want to Unhide them on your profile and your friends profile:

snapchat charms list

Now we have given you the options of Hiding and Unhiding the charms with your friends. Now we will talk about the different types of zodiac charm introduced by the Snapchat.

Table Containing the Zodiac charms and there meaning:

All Snapchat Zodiac Signs Zodiac Meanings
Snapchat Cancer Charm Cancer is a water sign of the zodiac. If you are a Cancer you are compassionate, love intensely and intuitive. At times, you can insecure or pessimistic.
Snapchat Capricorn Charm Capricorn is an earth sign of the zodiac. If you are a Capricorn you are motivated and task-oriented. You are good with responsibility but may appear arrogant.
Snapchat Leo Charm Leo is a fire sign of the zodiac. If you are a Leo you are passionate and creative. You have great energy but can be stubborn and lazy.
Snapchat Pisces Charm Pisces is a water sign of the zodiac. If you are a Pisces you are an incredible artist with enough creativity for two. However, you may not always be grounded in reality.
Snapchat Sagittarius Charm Sagittarius is a fire sign of the zodiac. If you are a Sagittarius you are a giver and have a large heart for all. At times, your generosity and kind-heartedness can be taken advantage of.
Snapchat Scorpio Charm Scorpio is a water sign of the zodiac. If you are a Scorpio you are independent, stubborn and resourceful. You can strive in any situation but sometimes you can be distrusting and secretive.
Snapchat Taurus Charm Taurus is an earth sign of the zodiac. If you are a Taurus you are reliable, practical and a strong person. You can be trusted with lots of responsibility but can be stubborn and unwilling to change.
Snapchat Virgo Charm Virgo is an earth sign of the zodiac. If you are a Virgo you are loyal, modest and dedicated to friends and family. At times, you can be shy and worry too much.
Snapchat Aries Charm Aries is a fire sign of the zodiac. If you are an Aries you are lively and courageous. You love adventure and exploring but can be impatient and impulsive.


Snapchat Charm List

Charms are personal in nature as compared to Trophies and differs depending upon your friendship with another user. This gives you more information on the kind of connection you have with your friends like the above mentioned astrological compatibility.

There are about 30 of these Charms available on the app now. Snapchat has promised to add more of these in the future.

snapchat charms list

Snapchat Birthday Charms

As you fill in your profile and complete filling it, some charms will be unlocked just by doing this as we have mentioned above.

Birthday Twins

This charm will be unlocked if you and your friend have birthdays in the same week. As long as your birthday are a week apart, you will be able to unlock it. The year of birth does not matter here.


This BFF charm is available in three different versions. You will get anyone of the version depending on the duration of your friendship with your best freind on the Snapchat app.

It’s Been A Second, It’s Been A Minute & It’s Been A While

These are three different charms that appear when you have lost contact with someone. This will say “it’s been a second, minute or a while” depending on the amount of time you have lost touch. It’s just Snapchat trying to give you a little nudge.


This charm activates once you start sending snaps to each other on a daily basis. Then you will get a Snapstreak Charm which will display number of days on it.

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