SilentLogging-What is it? [Updated 2023]

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What is SilentLogging?

SilentLogging is a pre-installed application available on most smartphones mainly in Samsung Smartphones.

Silent Logging-What is it? is available in package name called com.sec.modem.settings, Which shows that it is related to modem settings.

As part of the management of the Kernel, silent logging continues to record operations. It offers device access to the Kernel so that tasks such as installing or deleting an application may be performed. The app has been removed from various devices.

What is silent logging used for?

There is no exact information for which the SilentLogging app is used. According to the Samsung community, it is used by kernel management to log details and some sources report it is used for modern settings and connections.

Is silent logging Dangerous

Silent Logging-What is it? Is not precisely a risky application. The app’s information is restricted. However, the app uses a significant amount of energy and Data. In addition, extra approval is required. Since authorization is even required for a microphone and camera, disabling the application is preferable.

Can it be uninstalled ?

Yes, one can easily uninstall it. It is an internally inbuilt application and internal applications so it’s possible to disable it any time to see how your device runs without it.

The steps to delete and uninstall silent logging app are as below:

Silent Logging-What is it?

How to Download and Install the Silent Logging App?

Silent Logging-What is it?

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Although the application is not spyware, its behaviours and name make it seem to be. But it’s simply a pre-built app. Suppose you are still trying to figure it out. Deactivate it to remove the silent yearning application. Disabling the application poses no risk to your device.

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