Scary Things to ask Alexa : Know Everything About It

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If you possess an Amazon Echo with Alexa built in, you may ask her a variety of questions. That obtain information, make things happen, and even request things to occur. It has been programmed with humorous responses to a variety of topics, making it a fantastic source of amusement. This article examines Scary Things to ask Alexa. To learn more about Tech News visit our website Techoreview .

Alexa can be asked several things, and you can essentially ask it anything. Alexa will begin to say strange things, such as “You always listen,” and it can become much funny. After you say “Alexa, ask the audience,” she will continue with alarmingly uncomfortable pauses. “Do you find body sounds amusing, or do you simply want to pet your cat? “What are you looking for, Alexa? ”

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When you call “Alexa, Echo” in the middle of the night, she answers. “Why don’t you change the subject?” As it turns out, there are a number of amusing questions and responses that must be asked to experience and appreciate the voice assistant from Amazon’s sense of humour.

If you want to lose your mind, ask Alexa if she herself is a full-fledged conspiracy believer. Regarding this, you can ask her what to do if you suspect you have a Covid-19, but her response is really uncomfortable.

Things you don’t ask to Alexa:

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Controlling your TV using Alexa

Alexa can perform several tasks, including TV remote control. Alexa’s capabilities are dependent on the Amazon hardware and Alexa-enabled devices you have. Alexa is unable to control your television if you have an Echo speaker. A Fire TV post is must for all models. While the Fire TV Cube and Fire Edition TV offer the greatest control.

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In subsequent iterations of the Fire TV Stick, an Alexa control is included. This allows you to hold down the microphone button to speak to Alexa.


You can control the playback of any video by using Alexa while observe it :

  • Alexa, play
  • Pause
  • Alexa, go back 30 seconds
  • Alexa, next episode
  • Go home

Connecting Fire TV and Echo

If you find it cumbersome to push the microphone button on your Alexa remote. If you may associate your Echo speaker with your Fire TV to operate it using Alexa’s hands-free capability.

Combining the Echo with Fire TV, the Fire TV Cube enables hands-free Alexa. Alexa can also use with the remote to travel to practically any place on the plane.

Some shocking, rude, frightening and also funny things to ask Alexa

These are creepy and rude things you can ask Alexa that will make Alexa mad :

Rude Things to ask Alexa

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