SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4 : Great Combination of Features and Style

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 SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4 The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the next iteration in the Z Fold series. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the upcoming mobile that is a great combination of functionality and style. It is said to be equipped with octa core Processor. In addition to this, the upcoming mobile phone will come with 12 gigabytes of RAM so that you can switch between multiple apps without any interruptions and it might come with 256 gigabytes of internal storage It is a next big thing in the technology world.  Although, it is scheduled to be released in August this year, but there are numerous speculations and leaked information about the features and specifications of this handset. One such rumor that is circulating around is about the battery of Galaxy Z Fold 4. The battery of Z Fold 4 will be the same as was its predecessor phone Galaxy Z Fold 3. This latest news was leaked by popular tipster Ice Universe and Galaxy Club. Popular SEO Tools for YouTube and Websites


The tipster says that Samsung will maintain the battery capacity of Galaxy Z Fold 4 as it was of the previous model, despite of the fact that this specific model will be thinner and lighter as compared to the previous one. In the words of Ice University: “The good news is that the Fold4 is lighter and thinner, and the battery is still 4400mAh. Considering the superior energy efficiency of the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 Plus, I am optimistic about the battery life.” The Ice University is optimistic about the battery life because it is paired with Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 plus. This pairing can be able to improve energy efficiency. Also, the Snapdragon might be based on TSMC 4nm node, which will be even more efficient. According to the battery details provided by the Galaxy club, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will contain the dual-battery feature, where the capacity of first battery would be 2,002 mAH and the second battery would be 2,268 mAH, combining both would give this new model the same capacity of 4,270 mAH as it is of the existing model Galaxy Z Fold 3.


While the news leak regarding the battery of Z Fold 4 can be disappointing for many users, there is good news for them as well. This have been derived from all the rumors and evidences that Samsung is planning to skip the S pen slot, which means that the new model will sport a slimmer design. This also means that Samsung has not compromised on the battery capacity, and been able to make a sleeker phone. There is also the news that Samsung will reduce the size of the bezels of both inner and outer displays. The bezels on the Z Fold 3, especially on the cover display are quite huge, according to the 2022 standards. So, this is surely a welcome addition in Z Fold 4. It is also mentioned that the hinge mechanism has changed a bit, so the device will be thinner when it is folded shut.  SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4  


If the latest rumors are true, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 would have a different design, raising concerns over movie playback and gaming. Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 may have an intriguing display improvement, distinguishing its flexible screen smartphone from previous iterations. The reported difference is related to the actual dimensions of the screen, rather than the type of display used. The rumor refers to a change of the screen in a square shape. It is also said that Galaxy Z Fold 4 might have a wider display than the previous models. This means that Z Fold 4 might not be taller like Z Fold 3, but wider when folded than its predecessor, which will be easier to type on. How to Delete an App on Mac Without Admin Password?


Now, in a latest rumor we find out that Galaxy Z Fold 4 will feature the same 3x telephoto lens as the Galaxy S22 series which is a nice step up from the measly 2x telephoto camera on the Z Fold 3. And another information brings the camera setup of the Z Fold 4 closer to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. According to a tipster who has a good track record, the main camera on the Z Fold 4 will be the same one on the S22 Ultra and that is 108MP, except for the periscope zoom lens. The S22 Ultra is widely considered to have the best camera on any smartphone available, so if the camera setup on the Z Fold 4 is same as S22 Ultra, the it is a real good news for Samsung fans. Even though there’s no periscope zoom lens here, you can be sure Samsung will put a 30x space zoom capability just like the S22 and S22+.


Now, we have another report coming from a big South Korean publication Business Korea that mentions the Z Fold 4 will not have an under-display fingerprint scanner. It will be mounted on the power button at the side just like on the Z Fold 3. To be honest, the in-display fingerprint scanner on a foldable doesn’t make much sense in my opinion because it requires two fingerprint scanners outside and inside which adds up to the overall cost of the handset. Whereas a side-mounted scanner allows users to easily unlock their phone in both closed and open states, only requiring one fingerprint scanner in the first place. So, it’s actually good news that they are sticking with a side-mounted scanner.


It is said that the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 will much affordable as compared to the previous phones launched by Samsung. The price of Galaxy Z Fold 4 is nothing but just a rough guess right now. Many critics think that the initial price of Z Fold 3 was 1,799 USD, and expected price for Z Fold 4 might be the same or may be a little less than Z Fold 3.   9 Passive Income Ideas for Increasing Your Cash Flow  

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