Red Light on PS4 Controller: Everything you want to know about it

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The PS4 controller’s color bars include Orange, Blue, White, and Yellow, among others. However, many individuals are confused when they see a red light. People are unaware that a red light does not indicate a faulty controller. In other instances, however, it indicates faulty controller hardware. If your controller is operating normally and displaying a red signal, there is no need for an alarm. If your PS4 controller’s red light is illuminated, you are the second player. It may also signal that your controller’s battery is low or that there is a problem. Continue using your controller, and everything will function normally. However, an issue may exist if the PS4 controller consistently displays a red light and cannot connect to the console. Here are a few options to repair the red light on your PS4 controller. We hope you find answers through one of the techniques provided below.

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DS4 Controller Lightbar Meanings

  1. Blue = Player 1.
  2. Red= Player 2.
  3. Green= Player 3.
  4. Pink= Player4.

We are aware that it is somewhat strict. However, depending on the game, the colour may vary when playing specific games. For example, RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto IV. The Dualshock 4 flashes red and blue while you are being pursued by cops in this game. People need more such inventiveness.

Ps4 Controller Red Light Bar During Gameplay:

There may be times when your controller glows red while playing, but you need not be alarmed. For instance, if you play NFS as the illegal street racer, the light bar will also turn red if you die in a Killzone. Therefore, there is no need for concern if you are playing a game. You observe a red light on the PS4 controller.

Now, if you are playing alone, the PS4 controller will still display a red light. It just indicates that you are logged in as a different user, and if you change the user, everything will return to normal. To swap users, just press and hold the PS button on the controller. Now that “Power” has been highlighted and “Switch User” has been selected, the desired player may be selected.

How to fix if the light bar of Controller is fix on Red:

If your PS4 is stuck on red, it has nothing to do with the previously listed causes. It indicates that you are dealing with a minor bug or defective hardware. Several solutions to the problem are outlined in the next section. You can read them to determine the cause of the red light on your PS4 controller.

Fix Ps4 Controller Red While Charging

UnPlug Charging Doc’s Cord

Now, if your controller is stuck on red and won’t move, you should pull the wire from the charging station. After disconnecting the cord from the main power outlet, reattach it 30 seconds later. Occasionally, the controller continues to pulse red even when it is completely charged. You can attempt the solutions provided below to resolve this issue.

Replace the Charging Cable

You may also connect a different USB charging cable and see whether the light bar displays a different hue. If the light bar is orange, the controller is charging; after completely charged, the light bar will turn green.

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How to Reset Your Ps4 Controller: 

Ps4 has its own software and resetting the control generally fixes any problems. If you want to reset your controller follow the steps given below:

How to Reset Your PS4 Console:

If resetting your PS4 controller still didn’t work, then it’s time to reset your console.

To reset your PS4 console, you can follow these steps:


Restart Your PS4 in Safe Mode:

Next, you’ll try using your PS4’s Safe Mode, which can help you ascertain whether this is an issue with the hardware or the software.To restart your PS4 in Safe Mode, you can follow these steps:

If it is an issue with the software, Safe Mode should fix the red light.

Why Is My PS4 Controller Red?

If you have a red light on your PS4 controller, there are four common causes.

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