Queued Means in Gmail: Everything you Need to Fix this Issue

Queued Means in Gmail: Everything you Need to Fix this Issue

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Queued Means in Gmail: Everything you Need to Fix this Issue

Gmail is considered the best option to choose your email service provider because of its best service, such as receiving and sending emails securely and smoothly. Most importantly, this service is free of cost.  Every email service provider has issues, including Gmail, when your email is stuck into the draft with queued status. You must know how to remove this status and why your emails go into queued status. In this article, you can find why your emails get into the queued status and how you can remove this status. First, let you know why your emails get into queued status.

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  • Why do your emails get into Queued Status?

There are a few reasons you may be experiencing this issue:

  • You’re low on storage space – a queued email may be a case of running out of storage space. Until your device has extra storage space, the email will remain queued.
  • Issues between the app and the server – If this is the case, your best is to wait until the network issues are resolved. There are other workarounds, but they are a little more complicated.
  • You may have hit the threshold limit – and this could be any threshold: too many emails sent, size of attached files, or too many outgoing emails.

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  • Method to fix this issues:

 Remember, whenever the cause for the queued in Gmail is dispersed i.e. server is up and running again or storage space is back- then the outbox emails will be sent automatically by the app. However, if you want to fix the issue immediately or the issue persists for a long time, then you need to do something about the issue. Follow these steps for the solution.

  • Step 1:Go to ‘Settings’ on your phone and find the ‘Apps and notifications’ option.
  • Step 2:You will notice the list of all the apps that are installed on your phone. Find ‘Gmail’ from there.
  • Step 3:Click on ‘Force Stop’ button. Don’t worry; it won’t hurt your Gmail app or the stored emails.
  • Step 4:Click on the ‘Storage’ option from that very page.
  • Step 5:Now, you will be directed to the next window where you will see two different options marked ‘Clear Data’ and ‘Clear Cache’. Hit both of the options one after another. This will help in clearing any erroneous files in the Gmail app; hopefully, the issue is fixed.

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“This is what I did when I faced this issue: Close Gmail. In your phone APP SETTINGS go to Gmail. Then go to data usage and check the option that says something along the lines of “allow app unrestricted use of data even when data saver is switched on”. Reopen Gmail. In the sent mail screen it should say that you have unsent mail in your outbox. go to your outbox and refresh (pull the screen down). it should change to uploading. I hope that helps you too!” by Dave Collier.

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