Qlink APN Settings for All Devices [Updated 2022]

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How to configure your QLink gadget for internet and MMS services. Continue reading to learn more about the QLink APN Settings. However, before we continue, do you know precisely what QLink Wireless is? Don’t worry, I will explain everything in detail if you’ll just be patient. Therefore, let’s begin with the issue.

  • What is Qlink Wireless?

Qlink Wireless is therefore one of the most renowned SIM companies in the United States. It has over 3 million clients in the U.S. In addition, just like with any mobile device supported by a carrier service, we must appropriately configure the APN settings to access the Internet and MMS services. Therefore, in the following sections, we will explore what we must perform and what settings we must utilise for good surfing.

  • What is the APN for QLink Wireless?

APNs, or Access Point Names, are the configurations that point to the access specifiers/providers for a carrier’s Internet and MMS services. In other words, it serves as a gateway between 2G/3G/GSM/etc. services and the internet. The correct APN settings allow you to utilise 2G/3G/4G/5G/LTE services effectively. Therefore, without further ado, let’s investigate the QLink Wireless APN.

  • QLink Wireless APN

In this part, we will thus examine the optimal QLink Wireless APN setups and settings for high-speed internet access. Also, remember that the QLink APNs support a variety of devices, including the Samsung Galaxy series, iPhones, and Windows phones. Thus, we shall view the optimal APN setups sequentially.

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QLink Wireless APN Settings for Android


Settings Details
Name QLink (Thus use this)
APN qlink (Thus use this)
Proxy Keep Blank (Thus use this)
Port Keep Blank (Thus use this)
Username Keep Blank (Thus use this)
Password Keep Blank (Thus use this)
Server N/A (Thus use this)
MMS Proxy N/A (Thus use this)
MMS Port N/A (Thus use this)
MCC 310 (Thus use this)
MNC 240 (Thus use this)
Authentication Type N/A (Thus use this)
APN Type default, supl, MMS (Thus use this)
APN Protocol IPv4/IPv6 (Thus use this)
APN Roaming Protocol IPv4/IPv6 (Thus use this)
Enable/Disable APN APN Enabled (Thus use this)
Bearer Unspecified (Thus use this)
MVNO Type N/A (Thus use this)
MVNO Value N/A (Thus use this)


To apply these settings on your Android device, follow the below given steps:

QLink Wireless APN Settings for iPhone

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Settings Details
APN qlink
Username N/A
Password N/A
MMSC Keep Blank
MMS Proxy Keep Blank
MMS Max Message Size 1048576

QLink Wireless APN Settings for Windows Phone:


Settings Details
Profile Name QLink (Thus use this)
APN qlink (Thus use this)
Username N/A (Thus use this)
Password N/A (Thus use this)
Type Of Sign In Info Keep Blank (Thus use this)
IP Type IPv4 (Thus use this)
Proxy Server Keep Blank (Thus use this)
Proxy Port Keep Blank (Thus use this)
MMSC – (Thus use this)
MMSC Port – (Thus use this)
Maximum MMS Size 2048 (Thus use this)


QLink Wireless Customer Service

QLink Wireless customer service contact information. Available on Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM EST, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 6 PM EST.

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