PS4 Controller Yellow Light: How to fix the issue?

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The controllers on your PS4 play a vital part in a variety of functions. Dualshock controllers are necessary for gameplay and screen navigation for an excellent gaming experience. However, it is still possible to encounter issues with your controller, such as the PS4 Yellow Light of Death.

Consequently, this article will hopefully demonstrate how to fix a controller with a blinking yellow light. When all repairs fail, it is advisable to get it replaced (for obsolete DualShock controllers) or contact Sony’s Electronics Product Support for more assistance.

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How To Fix A PS4 Controller That Keeps Flashing?


There are a variety of options for repairing a PS4 controller whose lights keep flashing. First, confirm that the USB is functional. If not, we recommend purchasing an officially certified Power A cable designed particularly for the PS4 controller.

Why is My PS4 Controller Blinking Yellow?

Fixes for PS4 Controller Yellow Light Problem

Check to see if the controller is exclusively connected to the console prior to attempting any other repairs. Once it is connected to another Bluetooth device nearby, a yellow light may appear. If you are utilizing a wired connection, it is prudent to verify the controller’s cable connection to ensure it is correctly attached.

As indicated previously, you must repair broken or ripped wires, as these might cause the PS4 Yellow Light problem. Both charging cords and USB connections are included.

If your controller is connected to your console and the connection is undamaged, but a yellow light continues to flash, try the solutions below. Remember to examine each of these patches separately to determine whether one works.

Fix #1: Restart your PS4

Restarting your PS4 can occasionally resolve the most frequent console issues. This restores all connections, including your PS4 controller’s Bluetooth connections.

To restart your PS4 console, perform the following:

Fix #2: Connect your PS4 Controller While the Console is Off

If your PS4 controller has trouble connecting to your PS4 when it is powered on, you can attempt to connect it before the console powers up. This strategy has a high likelihood of success, especially if your DualShock controller has no hardware damage or cable concerns.

To make this repair, please follow these steps:

Fix #3: Reset your PS4 Controller

In case you were unaware, the PS4 controller features a reset button for similar issues like the Yellow Light problem. This returns your controller to its factory settings and erases any previously established connections.

To reset your PS4 controller, please follow these steps:


Fix #4: Initialize your PS4

If you have attempted every solution on this list, the final step is to initialize your PS4 console. This is akin to a factory reset, in which all your console’s data, games, and applications are permanently destroyed, including any corrupted data that may be causing the Yellow Light issue on your controller.

Important: Since initializing your PS4 necessitates deleting all program and user data, it is advisable to back up all essential files to prevent data loss.

To initialize your PS4, perform the following steps:


Can I Change the Color of The PS4 Controller?

If you desire to alter the colour of a PS4 controller, you must switch users. Because various PS4 profiles display different colors, this is the case. Player 1 is blue, Player 2 is red, Player 3 is green, and Player 4 is yellow, for example. So, you just need to sign in as another user, which is possible without logging out.

How to Change The PS4 Controller’s Color?
  • Firstly, create four different profileson your PS4.
  • Then, just log in as one user. You can change to another user without even logging out.
  • If you keep changing users, you will definitely find a color you like.

What Do The Colors Mean On A PS4 controller?

  • 1 – Blue
  •  2- Red
  •  3 – Green
  •  4 – Pink

We are aware that it is somewhat strict. However, depending on the game, the colour may vary when playing specific games. For example, RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto IV. The Dualshock 4 flashes red and blue while you are being pursued by cops in this game. People need more such inventiveness.

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