popular SEO tools for Youtube and websites

Popular SEO Tools for YouTube and Websites

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Popular SEO Tools for YouTube and Websites

popular SEO tools for Youtube and websites


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It easy words, it can be said that its just how easy it is for Google to find your website. Search engines are where people find content about almost everything online. People type in keywords on the search engine and get a list of thousands of relevant results on their screens. But mostly, people only tend to consider the results that are on the first page, and merely bother to visit the next pages of the search results.

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SEO does not only work for search engines, it is also an important part of YouTube, as it is needed to promote and upgrade your YouTube channel. The more views your channel gets, the more you get paid. And to increase your viewership you need to optimize your channel so that performs well. So, as a business or service provider, it is very important for you to rank higher in the search results and appear on the first page.

Some Popular SEO TOOLS

popular SEO tools for Youtube and websites

SEO Tools are particular software OR EXTENSIONS that help you create a content that has a potential to rank high on search engines. Tools keep track of the health of your website and help you to overcome the weaknesses of your website and also reveals different opportunities for you to perform even better. Further we are going to discuss some top SEO tools for YouTube and other websites.

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  • The first SEO tool I have for you is Moz. Moz is a really simple and easy-to-use SEO tool, especially for beginners. They have a really pretty and nice user interface, in which, when you add your website, it’ll show you all of the errors. Those errors will be your on-page errors. Do you have duplicate content? Are your title tags messed up? Whatever it may be, Moz will monitor your website, and notify you when there’s problems, and they’ll even tell you which ones are urgent that you should be fixing first, and which ones aren’t as important.
  • The second tool I have for you is Ubersuggest. What Ubersuggest allows you to do is find more keywords to go after. The thing with SEO is you need more keywords. The more keywords you’re targeting, the more potential traffic you can get. You’ll find that you already rank for certain keywords over time, or you are going to rank for certain keywords over time. As you find out what keywords you’re ranking for, what’s driving you traffic, you should put those keywords into Ubersuggest. It’ll show you all the long-tail variations of those keywords. To do this, you need to take those keywords that are relevant to your article, and integrate them in.
  • The next tool for you is Keywords Everywhere. Keywords Everywhere is a free Chrome extension in which when you perform searches on Google, it’ll show you other related keywords as well as the search volume for all these phrases. So, when you’re just doing some Google searches, at least you’ll find more keywords that you could be going after.
  • The fifth tool I have for you is Ahrefs. Ahrefs has this cool feature called the Linked intersect. What the Link intersect does is it shows you who’s linking to your top three competitors, but not linking to you. The reason this is a good choice is, if people are linking out to multiple of your competitors, there’s a good chance that they’ll also be willing to link out to you. If you reach out to a website that only links to one out of 100 of your competitors, it’s going to be really tough to e-mail them and convince them to link to you. But if someone is linking out to a handful of your competitors, it means that they’re continually open to linking to more and more people within your space. And that’s why you want to use the Link intersect.
  • The next tool to check out is Google Trends. Google has continually pushed brands more than anything else over the last year. You want to build a brand. The reason you want to use Google Trends is, it’ll show you how well your brand is doing over time. You go to Google Trends, you type in your name versus a competitor, and they’ll show you which brand is bigger. You want it to continually grow over time, and a great way to make it grow, is by leveraging an omnichannel approach. Doing things like updating your content, going after more phrases so more people can find you over time. But the cool point about Google Trends is, it tracks your brands, not just over time, but it shows you how your brand is doing in different regions and countries. This is huge if you’re not a global company. That way you can see which regions or areas you need to improve upon the most.
  • The sixth tool I have for you is Answer the Public. When people are searching Google, a lot of times they’re asking Google questions. You want to make sure you’re at the top for all of those questions. You know that site Quora? Quora gets so much traffic because all it does is just answer popular questions. Why can’t you answer these questions on your own website? Answers The Public, like if you put in a keyword such as, marketing, it’ll show you all the questions related to marketing. Now you can update your website to cover all these questions that people are searching for. So, you can get the most amount of traffic from Google.
  • ‘Tool number seven is TubeBuddy. We just find ourselves mainly using TubeBuddy because it has awesome A/B testing, great channel management and their bulk updating tools are really powerful. One of the best things that TubeBuddy will give you is a ranking score for your keyword or key phrase. Now, it’s not always accurate but it can help being the deciding factor. TubeBuddy will also let you see the tags that have been used on any video once you’ve clicked them which is really helpful to get keyword ideas.
  • The last one is going to be YouTube autocomplete. Now this one is super fun because you can do it quickly and you don’t need to install any software and it’s one of the quickest ways to get feedback on YouTube. So, YouTube autocomplete is simply using the search bar to find video ideas. So, what we’re seeing here in autocomplete is YouTube is actually telling us the most searched keywords in order on YouTube around this topic and it’s finishing our sentence for us.

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SEO tools are important because they save you a lot of time and effort in searching for appropriate keywords. With the help of SEO tools, you can see what is trending and what is not, also they help you in to make a strategy in a way that benefits you a lot. Now you have known about the top SEO tools, you can use them to SEO your website and create content that attracts audience and drive traffic to your website or YouTube channel. There are numerous other tools also available in the market, which have different features. These tools can in one way or another, assist you in ranking high on search engines.

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