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Popular Marketing Automation Software Platforms

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Popular Marketing Automation Software Platforms and Tools



In the present digital age, it is very hard to be find-able. There is a dense competition between countless businesses, and in the presence of various alternatives, it is really hard to secure a notable spot for your business in the market. That is why, digital marketing has become more vital than ever before. As a digital marketer you have to do a hard work, you have to reach out to the potential audiences, win new leads, increase the conversion rate, and try to generate sales, as well as giving a tough competition to the competitors.

Digital Marketing is really a time-consuming work. Doing all the above-mentioned tasks repeatedly sucks all your time and energy. So, what if there were some tools or apps that take of your digital marketing to run a successful campaign? What if you or your marketing team does not have to perform these repetitive tasks and get exhausted? Well, this is all possible now, and is actually known as Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation is basically managing your marketing activities across various channels using a tool or a technology automatically. As simple as that. That’s how you can define Marketing Automation. In Marketing Automation, you make use of various tools and technologies or in short, an application or a software that enables marketing automation and that helps you to automate various marketing processes.


Market Automation tools/software have become very popular lately. More and more people are using them to make their business more beneficial. According to a survey, 51% of companies use market automation to run and promote their businesses. In the present complex digital marketing world, to run quality campaigns, it has become essential to hand over these tasks to the automation platforms. Marketing Automation tools can make your much easier by taking care of everything in a well-organized way. These tools also come handy for social media marketing. They keep track of your leads, when the number of your online visitors is increasing. They also help you in keeping you intact with your customers, and help them out if they have any queries.


When it comes to choose the best Market Automation Software, there are a lot of options. But to choose the right one, you should know your primary goals, your targeted audience, your resources and costs etc. below, we will be talking about few most popular automation platforms. Keeping all your marketing needs in mind, you have to choose which one is best suitable for you.

  • Marketo: Marketo is said to be the best marketing automation platform in the market. This tool helps you in creating focused marketing campaigns by analyzing the behavior of customers. It can also be used to test different strategies of your campaign, with the help of its split testing feature. Marketo focusses on communicating with the customers through emails, which is helpful in lead scoring and nurturing your relationship with customers.

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  • Drip: Drip is specifically designed for small businesses. E-commerce platforms can also benefit from the unique marketing features of Drip. It gives you the privilege of creating multi-channel campaigns from a single platform. It offers you to promote your products and services through emails, SMS, social media and by creating interactive content on your website. Another advantage of Drip is that it allows you to integrate with the other platforms like Shopify, and it helps you to optimize most out of customer data.
  • HubSpot: HubSpot is known to be an excellent marketing automation tool, that has the combine functions of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and inbound marketing, that makes it a very effective marketing solution. HubSpot supports a live-chat feature to improve its customer care services. With its notable features such as CRM, this software helps to customize and create targeted campaigns by using different templates, which at the end generate more leads. HubSpot is relatively easy-to-use software, which adds to its uniqueness. You can use all the forms of marketing like emails, social media marketing from a single dashboard.
  • Pardot: It is a powerful automation tool for B2B format. This is a specialized software developed by Salesforce, designed for bis businesses. It helps to create a strong and broad relationship between business owner and their customers. Pardot lets you a create a powerful email marketing strategy that can be beneficial in generating leads. One of the most unique qualities of Pardot is that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to give quality analysis and reports.
  • AgileCRM: This is the most comprehensive automation platform. AgileCRM adds value to you CRM by helping you to manage your interactions and relationship with both, the existing and the potential customers. With AgileCRM, you can use all four digital marketing aspects through one platform, i.e., email marketing, mobile marketing, web engagement and social media marketing. It also helps you to track down your emails and check their effectiveness.

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  • Mailchimp: It is known as the most trustworthy marketing automation solution for small businesses. It gives special attention to email marketing. Mailchimp analyzes the customer’s data and create the automation strategy accordingly. It helps you to understand the customer behavior, their interaction with your website, and thus, lets you create an automation strategy accordingly. This is a different and powerful feature that allows you to design a personalized and more focused marketing plan. Another powerful benefit of Mailchimp is it is capable of integrating with other tools and software very well. This adds more value to your business. Lastly, it gives you the option of a/b testing, which means you can compare and test your campaigns to decide which one works best for the customers.
  • Hootsuite: This software mainly focuses on social media marketing and management. When talking about marketing for small business, there are very few names that deals in social media marketing for small businesses. Hootsuite is one such name that specializes in promoting your small-scale online business on social media platforms. It allows you to manage all your social media handles from one single dashboard. It saves your time and efforts, by organizing your posts in calendar format. If you are new and have just started an online, and finding it hard to get noticed on social media, Hootsuite is a good choice for you. It will for sure help you to maintain a social media presence.


According to an IT research company Gartner’s information, in 2021, 68% of organizations expected to increase to their marketing budgets. Which signifies that digital marketing is gaining more and more importance and companies feel the need to invest more in this field. Marketing Automation Tools or Software are there to help you in taking right choices regarding to marketing campaign strategies. These tools definitely help you to create more focused campaigns, that brings fruitful results for your business. Moreover, these tools also lighten up the burden of your marketing teams while empowering them to work more efficiently and effortlessly.

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