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Pakistan to Use Modern Technology to Replace Check Posts in Capital

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Pakistan is all set to use modern technology as a substitute of the police check posts in the capital city, Islamabad. According to the news, On December 17, 2020, the Interior Minister of Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed directed the authorities to remove the unnecessary check posts on various roads of Islamabad, the capital city. The decision was welcomed by the public facing the routine traffic jams and long queues at different checkpoints as it will ensure faster traffic flows.

According to the media reports, vehicles equipped with modern technology will be used instead of the police check posts. Already as part of the Islamabad Safe City Project, six vehicles have been handed over to the police. These vehicles are connected with all the cameras installed citywide and are capable of detecting any suspicious person, activity, or vehicle. The initiative is being considered as a big step in Pakistan towards smart surveillance.

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