LIA Informant: What is it? Know Everything About it

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Hello there!!! Today I’m here with another entertaining and educational essay that you will undoubtedly like reading and photographing. This article is about LIA Informant. What is It, Why Is It on My Phone, and What Does It Do? We will also observe the “com.lge.ia.task.informant” correction procedure. When I initially encountered this, I had no choice but to explore further in order to obtain some knowledge, generate a significant insight, and identify this object. It is either spyware or adware. Let’s continue with the issue and resolve our questions.

LIA Informant

LIA Informant is essentially a system app included in the default ROM of the LG G series. This application is utilised to view data from other LG services. This application is utilised by the “Smart widget” widget for the convenience of the user. The LG ‘G’ series is one of LG Smart-most world’s popular smartphone lines. LG Electronics develops and sells the cellphones. LG Electronics is a division of the South Korean firm LG Corporation. It is responsible for the global development and distribution of LG family electrical products.

LIA Informant

The Smart Notice Widget

Smart Notice Widget might be an extremely popular widget among LG smartphone owners. LG consumers like the widget’s versatility and manual customization options. This may involve making it visible or integrating its functioning with Google Now. Multiple people have fallen in love with the Smart Notice widget as a result of its abundance of convenient features. I have even mentioned few of them below:

The Smart Notice widget allows you to make new contacts for frequently used phone numbers that have not yet been stored. It permits the creation of Callback reminders. If you have an important call to make later, you may schedule it using the Smart Notice widget. The Battery Saver function alerts you when your smartphone’s battery is running low. In addition, it has several more features.

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LIA Informant: com.lge.ia.task.informant

The system application identified by the package. As noted before, the Smart Notice widget utilises LIA Informant to synchronise data from other system applications. It is quite safe to uninstall LIA if you do not want it. You can reinstall the system programme on your device through a third-party marketplace. Due to the app’s great strength, your Android smartphone must grant a variety of permissions.

Finally, How to uninstall LIA Informant?

LIA Informant

Multiple individuals may view the LIA Informant as comparable to other memory-hogging software. If you’re one of them, don’t worry; I’ll show you how to totally erase it from your machine.

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If you see issues such as “LIA Informant has ceased operating” or “process com.lge.ia.task.informant has abruptly stopped,” try emptying the app’s cache. That will undoubtedly resolve the majority of problems. If it does not, you may choose to delete it from you device.

LIA Informant

Note: you’ll add the -k argument to the above command to save lots of cache files if you ever shall install it back.

That’s it now your LG smartphone is LIA Informant free.

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