LG UN7300 2023 REVIEW

LG UN7300 Review 2023

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LG UN7300 Review 2023

Prepare yourself for the outclass-watching experience with LG UN7300 TV! This TV presents everything you need, whether you are a sports lover or a movie buff. It will provide you with a huge bright display and it can stream multiple services. You won’t regret buying it.

Technical Specs of LG UN7300 2023 

If you are searching for the best LG Tv with a great number of features, we recommend you buy the LG UN7300 TV 2023. Plus, Keep reading we are going to give you a detail of the LG UN 7300 2023 ‘s specifications. 

LG UN7300 Image Resolution & Display Quality:

The LG UN7300 Tv has a 4K HDR UHD LED display, providing stunning and excellent picture quality. Even though the refresh rate is only 60hz. However, the Quad-core Processor 4k offers excellent performance with bright and colorful image quality.  

Furthermore, the TV’S Active HDR technology improves the image quality even further. Plus, Also the CPU upgraded the SD components to near 4k resolutions. You might be curious that the HDR enables content is only available in other streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video or Hulu, But LG UN 7300 also has this feature.

Moreover, let us tell you about the LG UN7300 display time response and input delay. Most importantly, this Tv’s display has an extremely quick response time of 17.4 milliseconds. What does this mean? It means you sometimes experience a minimal blur effect while watching a fast-action movie. But, this Tv provides you with the best visual effect.

In addition, Its input speed of 9.9 milliseconds makes it a good choice for gaming. So, response time is the amount of time it takes to display from one change to the next. As a result, the shorter input speed provides the best gaming experience.

Dimension and Design:

The first thing you always notice is the look of Your TV, how’s the design of the TV? So, the LG UN7300 provides you with a chic and elegant look. This feature has a very simple style that will fit with any interior design of your room.

The slim border and the sharp lines of the LG TV offer an updated look that will surely impress you. Furthermore, the Tv is extremely thin, which makes it simple to set up on the wall.

However, this updated LG TV can be purchased in a range of sizes, which allows you to select the best one which closely meets your needs. The lowest size is 43 inches, while the biggest one is 75 inches.

Therefore, If you need a TV that fits in a small place, then the 43-inch model is suitable for your room. In addition, if you want to fill the entire wall then we’ll recommend you buy the 75 inches model.

The Weight Specifications of LG UN7300: Understanding the Physical Dimensions of Your TV

Although the size of the TV is large in size. But Do you what’s the best part of this TV? It is Remarkably light in weight. However, the 43-inch model LG TV is just 16.1 pounds, on the other hand, the 75-inch model is approximately 65.9 pounds. We guarantee you, you will never find all this amazing in one gadget.

Due to its lightweight, you can easily move the TV, whether you set up the TV on a wall or move from one room to another.

Sound Features:

Do you know LG UN7300 has built-in speakers? Yes, It has built-in speakers, but if you really want to improve its sound quality you should use its Bluetooth surround sound features.

You can get a genuinely accurate surround sound experience, by viewing the shows you love, listening to songs, or streaming the Apple TV via two roaming Bluetooth speakers like LG XBOOM Lastest Speakers.

However, the important thing to keep in mind is that it has down firing. What does that mean? It means If you hang your TV on the wall without a stand, there is a chance the audio quality might drop.

So, if you are planning to wall mount the TV, you have the option of using a stand or a separate audio solution. While on the other hand, TCL 32S327 TV includes Dolby Digital Plus sound enhancement which can increase the audio quality.

However, Dobly Audio enables the television’s audio to offer cinema-quality sound. However, due to this audio technology, speakers can also severe noise.

Ports and Versatility:

So, if you’re searching for a TV that can manage a larger number of gadgets, this one would be ideal. It includes three HDMI ports which are very excellent. But if you want more, there is also Sony XBR65X900F, offering four ports.

In addition to the HDMI ports, there are two USB 2.0 Connections like composite sound input, a digital audio output plus also ethernet port. These ports provide you with a lot of alternatives for plugging in your device.

Explore its Smart Features:

The LG UN7300 includes a variety of smart features like webOS for effortless streaming of your favorite television programs. Plus its also provide applications such as Sling, CBS, and Prime Video. What’s more? Even if you are not watching the game “Sports Alert” function keeps you updated.

Furthermore, you also use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to run the TV using voice commands. But, you must have to push the remote button. However, when it comes to selecting the best Smart TV, your budgets and demands must be considered.

Moreover, keep searching the different TV features, which will help you to make a good decision, otherwise, the LG smart TV is ideal for you.

Price for High-Quality Smart TV:

This LG UN7300 won’t set to pay more than $1,000. In fact, it is only 426.99$. In contrast, the Samsung 8 series TV which is a fantastic outdoor TV cost $1,497.99. While the image quality of this TV isn’t as good as that of an OLED monitor.

The best deal is that the delivery of this TV is free and three years of extra protection are offered for as little as $53.99. So, what are you waiting for? Buy your Smart and light weighted TV, before it gets too late.

Why We Are Recommending You LG UN7300: A Great Choice

We are recommending you the LG UN7300 is the ideal smart LCD TV for your smart home since it is controlled by the LG Thinq AI, which streams all the prominent platforms like webOS and includes Active HDR.  However, we will rate this Smart TV 8 out of 10.

Plus also check out more information about LG in this Article What is LG Smart World? Know Everything about it


In conclusion, the LG UN7300 is a superb Tv with fantastic image quality, clever features, and a stylish appearance. It’s Quad Core 4k processor makes up for its lower refresh rate compared to certain other TVs.

In addition, this TV has the best option for gaming due to its quick response time and little input lag. If you are planning to buy a new Smart Tv, then it is the best option for you.
















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