Keyword Research and Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword Research and Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

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What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research and Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

 Understanding what keywords are and how to use them is critical to your success as an SEO. If you get this right, you’ll find yourself attracting thousands of willing visitors every month, but first we need to answer the question “What are keywords?” Well, Keywords are simply the words and phrases that people type into search engines to find answers. So, if you sell office furniture you want to make sure that your website is showing up for keywords like “buy standing desk” and “buy office chair” or whatever keywords are relevant to your website.

The problem is, that search engines need a little bit of help to understand your website, so you have to “feed” them with your target keywords to increase your chances of showing up when people search for them – this is called on page Search Engine Optimization. Now, all you need to understand is that keywords serve as the bridge between search engines and your website, but not all keywords are created equal. Some bring thousands of visitors looking for freebies while others bring handfuls of targeted buyers, and not spending time to understand the intent of a keyword is where many new SEO’s go wrong.


Typically, keywords fall into 3 different intent categories- Navigational, Informational and Transactional.

  • People that use Navigational Keywords are looking to go to a specific website, for example if you search for YouTube you expect to end up on YouTube.
  • Informational Keywords are when people are looking to learn more about a subject or product, for example if you are searching for “which is the best standing desk” or “office chair reviews”
  • whereas Transactional Keywords are purely focused on buying, such as “buy standing desk” or “where to buy office chairs”.

If you can understand the differences in these 3 categories, you’ll already be way ahead of the crowd that are purely focused on how many visits a keyword brings, rather than how does the intent of the keyword align to my business and its goals. So now you know precisely what keywords are.


Keyword Research and Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Keyword Research Tools are such websites or applications which help in finding appropriate and successful keywords for you. Below we will discuss some of them.

  • The first free tool I have for you today is Google Search Console. When you log in to a Google Search Console, it’ll show you all the keywords that you’re ranking for that are driving the majority of your traffic. Look at what pages those keywords are driving traffic to. Take the title tag of that page and the meta description and make sure you include the key word. Optimize that title tag to be more appealing. If you’re not sure how to optimize the title tag, go look at a magazine. Magazines have amazing headlines. You can take the inspiration from magazines and try to craft your own headline. By creating your own headline or title tag or meta description that’s more appealing as well as including the keyword, you’re more likely to get clicks. See, if you do a search on Google as well as another thousand people and you guys all searched for the same term, and everyone clicks on the second listing instead of the first listing, what do you think Google’s going to do? They’re going to take the second listing and move it up to number one. And by optimizing your title tag to be more appealing, you’re going to get more clicks.

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  • The next tool I discuss  and of course, which is free as well, is Ubersuggest. Since you already have Google Search Console. It already showed you what keywords you’re getting traffic for. I want you to take those keywords and go plug them into Ubersuggest. This will show you all the long-tail variations of those keywords. If you already rank for the head terms, it’s really easy to rank for the long-tail terms. You don’t have to build any links; you don’t have to do a ton of on page optimization. It’s super simple. You take the keywords Ubersuggest gives you, let’s say you rank for digital marketing on page one, you type in that keyword to Ubersuggest, you see all the other keyword variations that it gives you and see if you can take those keywords and integrate them within your site. By doing that, within 30 days you’ll find that you’ll get more search traffic to your page. But here’s a trick, you can’t just take those keywords and add them to the page. You got to integrate them within your content. That means you may have to add the keywords and as well expand upon your content so that way it flows and it all make sense. If it doesn’t, you’re going to have a hard time ranking for all those terms. You need to adjust your content and sometimes that means re-writing them. You may also want to take some of those keywords and put them in the title tag and meta description. Those keywords that you’re getting from Ubersuggest. By doing that, it’ll also help you rank for those longer tail terms. The cool part about Ubersuggest is, it ranks all those keywords by popularity. and how easy it is to rank from. That’s called Search Difficulty. So, there’s a SD number, the higher it is, the more competitive it is.

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  • The third tool I have for you is a Yoast SEO plugin. Most of you guys are running on WordPress. The Yoast SEO plugin will help you optimize your code, your title tags, your meta description, it’ll even help you create XML sitemap that you can just plugin into Google Search Console, and it does this all for free. That way, when you release new content, it pings. Google lets them know through the sitemap that way they can index that content, grab it and rank it.
  • The fourth tool I have for you is The reason you want to go to this website is your site needs to be mobile compatible. Google has a mobile-first index. By putting your URL on this site, it will tell you that is your website responsive? Is it mobile friendly? You want a mobile-friendly site. The more mobile-friendly it is, the higher you’re gonane rank at Google’s mobile-first index.
  • The fifth one I have for you is Google Trends. You’re probably wondering, hey, how is this SEO tool? Well, Google’s moved into brand signals and they’ve had for years, but now they’re more impactful than they ever were before. In other words, Google wants to rank brands higher than non-branded sites. Google Trends show you how your brand is doing compared to other people. The higher the line or the graph for your brand of your competition, the better off you are. You want the bigger brand and Google Trends will show this.
  • Number six. It’s a Chrome extension, it’s called Keywords Everywhere. Whenever you’re performing a Google search, you’ll find that in many cases you’re performing a Google search for other keywords related to your space or your own industry. Keywords everywhere will show you how many people are searching for those terms and other related keywords as you’re using Google right there on the screen. The reason this is important as you’re just using Google as a normal user, it’ll give you more keyword ideas because you can see the search volume and how good some of these keywords are as well as other variations. When you’re trying to optimize your website, you want to think about SEO Day-in and day-out, and it is hard but Keyword Everywhere will help you because as you’re doing searches on Google, Keywords Everywhere will tell you which keyword is popular. That is why you want to use it.

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These tools will help you rank number one. There a lot more tools available in the market, both paid and free. They all have different features. These tools are really helpful in keyword research. Make sure you use any of these tools to rank good in SEO of your content.



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