How to install Slack on Linux Ubuntu 20.04?

How to install Slack on Linux Ubuntu 20.04?

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What is Slack?

Slack is considered one of the most known platforms of collaboration across the world to bring the communication together. In slack, the conversation is organized in channels. One can also create channels for several purposes like for teams, projects and topics. Also a person can search anything that has been posted inside channels or using messages. It also helps to communicate with the teammates using audio and video calls and can share the images, videos and other documents.

As the number of the collaboration platforms are increasing day by day due to their importance in the digital age. For this purpose the slack is one of the modern and well known tool. It is first choice for the users because the communication inside this medium is systematic and organized. The search bar of slack helps to search messages and can keeps the record for long duration including the chat messages and shared audios, videos, topics and other attachments among the users. Slack is used not only by professionals but various other people can also use that are working in a team for the easy and smooth communication.

It is a latest communication platform for almost every type of company to replace the email. Here we will explain the installation of slack using Linux. Slack is easy to install inside your PC by following the few steps.

 Installation of Slack

First of all open the terminal interface and run the below commands.

$ sudo apt update

Then run the next command:

$ sudo apt upgrade

In the next step, you have to install the package of snapd in your computer. Type the following command as below:

$ sudo apt install snapd

Now the snapd is started to install and it takes some time therefore do not close the terminal. Now when the snap d is installed you can check the installed snapd package with the help of below command. Write this command in the command line and press enter. The version of the installed snapd package will appear on the screen as shown below:

$ snap –version

Now the slack is installed by using the below command. Mention the below command in terminal and click enter:

$ sudo snap install slack –classic

This will take a few minutes and a message will appear on the computer screen that the slack is installed showing that this application is a part of your system’s application. After getting the clear message about the slack has been installed in the computer, you are now able to use the slack and the benefit from its functionality. It is easy to access the Slack application by users once it is installed. Close the terminal and return to your home screen. On a search bar there are various other applications and then write Slack to see if it’s there. Here double click on it and it will be open for you. If you have account you can sign in or else you can create your new account.

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