How to install google chrome on Linux Ubuntu 20.04

How to install google chrome on Linux Ubuntu 20.04?

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Installing google chrome on Linux Ubuntu 20.04

This blogpost is about how to install Google chrome on Linux Ubuntu 20.04. The most widely used program worldwide is Google Chrome. It is not only fast and secure but jam-packed with options to allow you the simplest browsing expertise. Ubuntu comes with a built-in Firefox browser. Firefox has improved a great deal of late and maybe a more sensible choice, especially for privacy purposes.

Google Chrome isn’t open supply and if you are attempting to put in Google Chrome from Ubuntu code Centre, you won’t realize it there. It’ll most likely counsel be putting in Chromium which is the open supply project Chrome. Chromium is analogous to Chrome, however, it’s still not exactly like Google Chrome. As Google Chrome is that the most generally used applications program, it is easy to use, and a secure browser engineered for the trendy internet.

Chrome isn’t an open-source browser, and it’s not enclosed within the Ubuntu repositories. Google Chrome relies on Chromium, an open-source browser that is accessible within the default Ubuntu repositories.

Here we will see the installation of the Google Chrome on Linux

Method 1:

At first we will a few terminal commands that are used to install the chrome in Linux Ubuntu 20.04.

  1. It is the first and foremost step to always update the APT. for this purpose run the following two commands that are given below.

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade

  • If the apt command doesn’t work for the installation of Chrome on Ubuntu then, wget command is used. Also verify if the wget is installed by using this terminal command.

$ wget –version

  • After installing the wget is installed, the chrome is ready for installation. Write the following command for the chrome installation file.

$ wget

  • Then install the package using dpkg and run the below command:

$ sudo dpkg -i google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb

  • Finally lauch the chrome using terminal. Now write the below text in the terminal window, then Chrome will start.

$ google-chrome

Now simply select or unselect the boxes in a dialogue and hit enter to open the google chrome.

Graphical Installation of the Google Chrome

It will be difficult to use the command-line interface for those who are new to Linux. In this scenario, Linux has the software center of applications that are used to extract and automatically install the Google Chrome package.

  1. In the first step, go the download webpage of google chrome to install it with the help of software center in Linux..
  2. Now press the download button of chrome. Now check the 64 bit .deb for the Ubuntu option.
  3.  In the next step, select and install to continue the process. In the next step check the directory for the downloaded package.
  4. Now double-click on the .deb package to start the software center and press the Install button.
  5. In the last step, type the password of the account if you have in order to start the process of installation and the chrome will install in few minutes and its ready to use.


In this Article, I have shown you to install google chrome on Ubuntu 20.04 using 2 different methods. I have also shown you how launch google chrome via the terminal. Hope you enjoyed the article, stay for more on Techoreview.

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