Installation of VLC media player on Linux Ubuntu

Installation of VLC media player on Linux Ubuntu

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In this blogpost you will learn how to install VLC media player on Linux Ubuntu. VLC media player is a well-known and most used video-player across the world.  In Linux, it supports a number of media files. It is also an open source program. The VideoLAN project initially released the VLC player in the year 2001. It also provides the browsing of shared network, videos, subtitles etc.

It is easy for everyone to play a media file with the help of vlc. It also supports different types of api versions. Moreover, it also gives the adds-on for several web browsers including chrome, and Mozilla etc. Also, one can run the videos with high definitions with different formats on Linux. Moreover, all audio files are often played in VLC Media Player.

Some important features of VLC media player are:

It works as a cross-platform including windows, macOS, android, and Linux. Moreover, it allow the files, devices, and webcams. There is no spyware, no ads, and no tracking of users. VLC is quick and supports Hardware cryptography. Most of the files among other devices also run in vlc with some new options including synchronizing the subtitles, filters of audio and videos etc. VLC can fix independent agency subtitles forced alignment including “E-AC-3 unarticulate” and can also fix MIDI playback on macOS. It also improves compatibility with DxVA2 and D3D11 cryptography, fixes crashes once seeking, and resolve the blacklisting of broken drivers. Important enhancements in hardware cryptography for macOS, notably quicker, supporting additional samples and removing crashes.

Installing VLC on Linux

Linux users use a variety of open-source media players depending on the selection of the features of the software with the stable version and the ease in the installation process. In this article, I will demonstrate two ways on how to install the VLC media player in Linux by running some commands.

  1. Installing VLC with the help of the Linux terminal.
  2. Installing VLC on Linux using PPA.

  1. Installation of VLC media player using Linux terminal

First of all click on the show applications to search. Now open up the terminal from your system and then write and run the following command.

$ sudo snap install VLC.

It will ask for the sudo password for the authentication purpose. Enter the password and then the VLC media player will start to download and it will automatically be installed. Some other commands that are shown below can also be used for installing the VLC media player.

$ sudo apt install vlc

Or (for older Ubuntu versions)

$ sudo apt-get install vlc

  1. Installation of VLC media player using PPA

If any problem may occur while installing the VLC media player then use the official PPA for installing and upgrading stable VLC on Linux.  Run the below commands in the terminal and the below output will appear.

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:videolan/stable-daily

In order to continue, hit enter.  Also, you can check the VLC version by running this command:

$ vlc –version

The vlc can be removed easily by running the below command in terminal.

$ sudo apt-get remove vlc


In this tutorial, I have shown you how to install VLC on your Linux Ubuntu machine. I have shown you 2 different methods of installation. I hope you enjoyed the article, stay for more on Techoreview.

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My name is Akhunzada Younis Said. I am a software project manager in HAZTECH, a software engineering graduate and a content writer. I love working with Linux and open-source software.

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