Installation of Tor browser on Linux Ubuntu 20.04

Installation of Tor browser on Linux Ubuntu 20.04

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If you want to learn how to install Tor browser on Linux Ubuntu 20.04, then read this blogpost. In order to do anonymous browsing, the Tor browser is used which is an open-source and free web browser. Using this the network traffic is routed to hide the identity of the user with the help of the tor network. It is accessible throughout the world with the volunteer network comprising of about 7 thousand relays. This browser also gives the best and amazing solutions for securing privacy on the network from several spying agencies. However, in most countries, it is illegal to use this browser or it is blocked. Therefore before using this browser make sure that it is allowed to use in a specific country.

Here we will see some steps to install the Tor browser on Linux.


First of all, start by running the below commands in the command line and it will ask for the user password. Write your password and press enter. The output is shown below:

$ sudo apt update

$ sudo apt upgrade

Adding the PPA repository

As the newest version of the tor browser is not easily found repositories of Ubuntu and Linux mint. Therefore the latest version of this browser is easily installed downloaded and installed with the help of the tor browser launcher script. Thus the launcher script is required to make sure the successful installation of the tor browser and for this purpose it is necessary to add the PPA repository. Write down the following command in the terminal:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:micahflee/ppa

Installation of Tor Browser:

By using the terminal, the Tor browser can be installed easily. In order to do so open the terminal on your system and run the following command.

$ sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher

The output is shown below:

How to use Tor Browser

First of all, search the torbrowser-launcher in the available applications from the Ubuntu system. The tor browser application is also launched by running the command torbrowser-launcher in the terminal.

  1. In the first step, the installation of tor browser start or asks for the installation of the tor browser.
  2. Then you have to keep the default settings and press the button ‘install tor browser’.
  3. As soon as the installation finishes, the tor browser opens up in the system.
  4. Now you have to click on the connect button in order to connect the tor browser and tor network for safe and secure browsing.
  5. Now it is done. Finally, the tor browser is successfully installed inside your computer.

Uninstalling the Tor Browser

If you do not need the tor browser and you need to remove it from your system. For this purpose run the mentioned-below command in terminal interface and then hit enter. Finally, the tor browser will be removed completely from your system after some time.

$ sudo apt purge torbrowser-launcher

Or you can write the below command to remove the tor browser:

$ sudo apt autoremove torbrowser-launcher

The final output is given below:


In this article I have shown you the easiest method to install tor browser in Ubuntu 20.04. Tor browser network is the best open-source browser for performing anonymous activities and maintain end-to-end encrypted paths. Hope you enjoyed the article, stay for more on Techoreview.

Author Info: My name is Akhunzada Younis Said. I am a software project manager in HAZTECH, a software engineering graduate and a content writer. I love working with Linux and open-source software.

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