How to use MEE6 Commands? [Updated 2023]

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What is a MEE6 bot?

One of the most well-liked and practical Discord bots for servers and communities is the MEE6 chat and moderation bot. To keep their Discord server clean and secure, users may manage various server features and set restrictions for users and spam. The bot is helpful especially if your Discord server has many channels making it challenging to keep track of visitor traffic.

Use MEE6

Using MEE6, you may create orders, give members different levels based on their involvement, or alert them to upcoming events. Due to its numerous music features for playing and saving songs and playlists MEE6 is well-liked.

What functions does MEE6 provide?

After activating the bot, many MEE6 plugin features are immediately usable and cost-free. On the other hand, some features are only accessible with a paid membership. Typically, the most crucial moderator functions that most Discord users require are included in the free edition.

Among the free MEE6 features are:

  • Custom Commands: Create custom bot commands to assign different roles to members and send automatic messages or announcements.
  • Levels: Members of your Discord server can reach levels that can be publicly presented or rewarded depending on their user behavior.
  • Music: Using various bot commands, users can play music, skip songs, create playlists, or vote up songs.
  • Welcome: MEE6 automatically greets new members with a special message.
  • Moderation: Automated moderation features filter spam and profanities, and remove or ban users who violate rules.
  • Record: Users can record and play back voice recordings.
  • Search Anything: The search function lets users find terms, videos, or files on other platforms or search engines.
  • Help: In case of questions and problems users can resort to the help function.

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How to add MEE6 bot to Discord Server?

You must first visit the MEE6 bot’s official webpage. When you get there, select “Add to Discord.” The Mee6 bot will be invited to your server using this. To add this bot to a discord server, sign into your account after clicking “Add to Discord” and then choose the server. Once you provide the permission access, it will immediately have administrator access.

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MEE6 Bot Commands

There is one thing to remember before you give any command to the bot on discord, i.e you need to put an exclamation mark(!) prefix before every command that you give, and this is exclusive to premium members only.  Some commands are !ban, !tempban, !clear, !infractions, !kick, !mute, !tempmute, !unban, !unmute, etc.

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How to Share Audio on Discord Screen

Sharing audio on Discord is one of its most interesting features. If you don’t know how to add audio to the discord screen then follow the given steps:

How to use MEE6 Commands

Want to create custom MEE6 commands?

You can create custom MEE6 commands easily, you just need to be aware of the variables. You need to know about the user variables, server variables, and channel variables. Thankfully, all these variables can be found in the help section of the Mee6 website.

Once you are familiar with the custom commands, you can follow these steps:

How to use MEE6 Commands


MEE6 is fun to use an interactive robot, that acts as your personal moderator and can be used depending upon maintaining the integrity of your server. Knowing its proper use can create a fun and interactive community and can be easily managed as well.

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