How to Turn off Camera Sound on Snapchat? [Updated 2023]

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Despite the fact that there are other social chat applications available, Snapchat is quite uncommon and singular. What an absurdity! Huh! The built-in Snap camera is properly configured to automatically remove any undesirable markings and appearances on the body and in certain spots. Any Snapchat user, though, would have heard the shutter sound several times when taking a photo. Even though this sound is only a camera click, it is creepy and unpleasant, particularly when one is in a no-noise mindset. So, let’s learn How to Turn Off the Snapchat Camera Sound.

It provides the quickest service for sharing photographs and videos. As soon as you launch Snapchat, the camera screen will appear. All you want to do is tap for photographs and hold for videos. In addition, it will let you to apply lenses, filters, bitmojis, and other amusing effects to the photos. Consequently, it is commonly known as a camera app.

In the first place — can it be done?

=No. By default, Snapchat does not enable you to silence the camera sound. Searching the Settings won’t help either, since there is unquestionably no option that lets you to disable the shutter sound.

The absence of this functionality on Snapchat does not preclude you from turning off the camera sound. You can discover the possible workarounds in the section that follows. So, what’s next?

‘How to Turn Off Camera Sound on Snapchat?

Snapchat may be a camera app and is meant in such how that it uses your device camera to snap photos and videos. So, you’re required to form changes in your device settings and not on the Snapchat settings. The possible ways during which you’ll close up the sound of the camera while capturing snaps are as follows :

Turning Off the Camera Shutter Sound

If you’ve got an Android smartphone or tablet, then the Camera app will allow you to close up the shutter sound.

Note : Unfortunately, iOS device users cannot make changes within the Camera settings.

Using the Volume Buttons

Android and iOS users can turn down the quantity while taking a snap using the Snapchat app.

Look for the volume down button at the edges of an Android or iOS device and gently press it. This may not bring any shutter sound once you take a snap on Snapchat.

Note : iOS users can control the quantity from the center . Just swipe up from rock bottom or swipe down from the highest to open it. Press the quantity icon and slide it down.

Activate Silent Mode

One may also activate the Silent Mode in the Settings of your device.

Or, by just looking for the silent mode in the dropdown menu.

Note : Activate the Silent switch at the side of your iPhone or iPad. This may make your device get into mute mode.

You may also activate the Do Not Disturb Mode

Turning on the ‘DND’ or the don’t Disturb Mode will make your phone enter into a silent mode.


Use the OneCamera-Silent Camera App

How to Upload Pics to Snapchat without Camera Shutter Noise

You can upload a photograph to Snapchat without a Camera shutter sound.

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Method #1: Turning Off Your Camera Sound From The Stock App

For this method, you’ll need to go to your phone’s default camera to access the settings that’ll make you switch off the sound. This option only works for Android phones, and depending on the brand and model you’re using, navigating to the settings might be different.

Generally, these listed methods below work for disabling your default camera sound.

Method #2: Turning Down Your Phone’s Volume

This method applies to iOS and Android users. While taking snaps, you can use the ringer buttons on your phone to turn down your phone volume and take your pictures discreetly. These steps will guide you in using this method.

For IOS Version 12 and Older

For iOS devices with version 12 and older, you can use assistive touch to control your phone’s volume. This assistive touch will give you easier access to volume, muting and unmuting your phone, and managing your notifications. You can toggle on assistive touch in these simple steps.

Now, to mute sounds on your phone that will directly apply to Snapchat’s shutter sound, tap on the assistive touch icon on your home screen. Tap on the device icon to see all options you can access concerning volume. You’ll see options to reduce your phone’s volume and mute/unmute your phone. Tap the mute to disable the shutter sound as you take snaps.

Method #3: Switching On Your “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Android and iOS users can also use this method to disable the shutter sound while taking snaps. Recent devices have the “do not disturb” feature that basically disables all sounds and notifications that could distract you from something. Either from an Android or iOS device, these steps will guide you to the “do not disturb” feature.

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