How to take a screen shot on Mac?

How to Take a Screenshot on Macbook Pro Laptop ?

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How to take a screenshot on Mac? The screenshot is a suite of tools that allows you to quickly take screenshots and screen recordings, with choices to customize what you capture, such as setting a timer delay or including the pointer or clicks. On your Mac, you can use Screenshots or keyboard shortcuts to capture photographs (called screenshots) or recordings of the screen.

Any Mac computer can take high-quality screenshots, which you may subsequently edit or distribute in any way you want. If you purchased or updated your Mac since 2018, you’ll also have access to the advanced screenshot menu, which allows you to record videos of your screen.

How to take a screen shot on Mac?

If you want to take screenshots for your MacBook or Mac Pro each day, you will need to grasp 3 primary keyboard shortcuts, plus a fourth when you have a MacBook with a touch bar. One of those strategies is pretty new. You would possibly realize it from macOS Mojave, however, in case you do not, do not worry: it is nevertheless there in MacOS Catalina.

Stay a little longer because we’ll show you how to use screenshots as soon as you have taken them. Apple provides a lot of tools for quickly saving, deleting, and opening screenshots for markup, which I’ve learned to love and use on a regular basis.

On your Mac, keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots may appear simple, however, every technique captures a distinctive phase of your screen.

1.  Command-Shift-3

This key combination will take a screenshot of the full screen. Press and hold Shift + Command + 3 to capture your entire screen. It will take and save screenshots of each monitor if you are using multiple monitors.

You’ll get a little thumbnail preview inside the bottom-right nook of your display while you’re taking the screenshot, which you may click to edit the screenshot. If you don’t want it, see the “screenshot menu” guide below for instructions on how to disable it.

How to take a screen shot

2.  Shift-Command-4

This key combination will remodel your cursor to choose your screen. To capture the picture, release the button of the mouse. After pressing Shift-Command-4, you’ve got some more options:

  • When you press and release the space bar, the crosshair transforms right into a small camera icon that you could drag over any open window. To take a screenshot of a window, truly click on it. This technique produces a screenshot with a white border across the window and a moderate drop shadow.
  • After dragging to highlight an area however earlier than releasing the button of the mouse and pressing the space bar: it will maintain the area’s shape and length however permits you to transport it around at the display.
  • After dragging to highlight a place however earlier than releasing the trackpad, and holding the Shift key: This will lock in every side of the selected area beside the lower corner, permitting you to transport your mouse up and down to place the bottom Release Shift key and press it once more without releasing the mouse button to alter the right border of your chosen location. By the use of the Shift key at the same time as keeping the mouse button or touchpad pressed, you could transfer among moving the bottom and right edges.

3.  Shift-Command-5

This combo, which was introduced in MacOS Mojave (2018), brings up a little panel at the bottom of your display screen together along with your screen capture options. You can take a screenshot of your entire display screen, a window, or a part of your screen the usage of one in every of 3 buttons. Similarly, you may record your complete display screen or a part of it the usage of the 2 video recording buttons. The X button at the left closes the screenshot panel, however, you may as a substitute go out by pressing the Escape key.

An Options button is positioned at the right side of the display screen. It lets you pick out where your screenshot might be saved (Desktop, Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages, or Preview) in addition to creating a 5- or 10-2nd put off so that you can line up factors that might in any other case be misplaced while you operate your photo tool. The Show Floating Thumbnail alternative is chosen by default, which displays a small preview thumbnail of these days captured screenshot in the lower-right corner of your display screen, much like how iOS handles screenshots. On your Mac, not like the iPhone, you may disable the preview thumbnail. Finally, you have the choice of such as your mouse pointer in a photo or video.

4.  Command-Shift-6 is a bonus for MacBooks with Touch Bars.

How to take a screen shot on Mac?

Did you already know that when you have a 16-inch MacBook Pro or any version with the Touch Bar, you may capture a screenshot of what is now displayed on it? To snap an exceptionally broad and skinny screenshot of your Touch Bar, clearly press Command-Shift-6.

On a Mac, how can you take a snapshot of a whole page?

To snap a screenshot of the entire screen, use “Command-Shift-3.” To save the screenshot to the clipboard, hold down the “Control” key as well as the other keys. By pressing “Command-V,” you can paste it into a document.

How to take a screen shot on Mac?

Where are my mac screenshots?

By default, when you take a screenshot on your Mac, it is stored in the Desktop folder. This is done to make it easier to find screenshots after you’ve taken them. To find your screenshots, either look at your desktop for thumbnails or use the Finder program to find the “Desktop” section.


Screenshots can’t be taken right in front of the user or on the screen on Apple devices. To take a screenshot, you’ll need to press a specific combination of keys. Taking a screenshot on an Apple iPhone is quite simple. It’s simple to take a screenshot on an iPhone using Face ID or Touch ID. To take a screenshot, all you need is the appropriate combination of keys.

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