How to post video on instagram from mac

How to Post Videos on Instagram from Mac?

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How to post video on instagram from mac



Instagram is a widely used social media platform which is used to posting photos and videos. It is a visual sharing app. But Instagram is mainly a phone-based app which works perfectly on mobile phones, have various features, which you can approach mostly from your mobile phones, but are not available, or have limitations for the users who use Instagram from their PC/laptop or Mac.

One such facility that PC or Mac users cannot avail is that they cannot post images or videos directly to Instagram from their devices. They have to connect their phones to the computer or Mac, or they can use images saved in Google Drive. But posting and sharing direct from Mac is not yet possible. Therefore, the computer geeks have provided solutions to this problem. There are some tools or applications designed to overcome this problem and make the life of Mac users much easier.


In today’s article, we will be taking a brief note of such apps that can be used to post content, especially videos to Instagram from your Mac.

  • Facebook Creator Studio: The first tool is actually Instagram’s official tool/app/program. So, what we’re going to do is search for Facebook Creator Studio in your Google search bar. It’s a really fun side of Facebook especially if you manage different pages on Instagram. Let’s see how this tool works.
  • If you visit this site for the first time, you need to connect your Instagram account to it by putting in your Instagram username and password and this will connect your Instagram to Facebook Creator Studio.
  • After this, at the top you can see two options, Facebook and Instagram, click on Instagram and then click on create post.
  • Here you are again given two options, to create a post of Instagram feed or you want to post the video for IGTV. Let’s say you are just planning to post a video to feed, click on the “Add Content” button. Now you can either import video from your Facebook or upload it from your computer.
  • You can add hashtags and also add location to your post.
  • You also have an option to publish your video right away, or you can schedule it to be published later on the given time and date.
  • Once you have done this, click on the publish button, it will take few seconds   and then you can see that the video in posted on Instagram.

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  • Flume app: This is a freemium product which means you can use it for free but then if you want to use it on multiple accounts, or use its premium features, you will need to upgrade it to Flume Pro, and this where you just have pay for the app only for once. Let’s look at some features of this app. It is specifically designed for Mac users and PC users cannot benefit from it. Using this app, you can easily upload photos and videos from you Mac computer, you can handle multiple accounts, you can look at insights, promotions, can send direct messages and much more. Well, there’s one activity that is not available, but maybe in future we might see this added feature, and that is Flume doesn’t allow to post videos directly to Instagram stories. Now, I will tell you how to upload content on Instagram from Flume app.

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  • Firstly, link your Instagram account to Flume, sign-in, go to the dashboard.
  • At the top right corner, there is a menu, where you can see add button, click on it.
  • A message pops up that says that you can either drag your photo/video here to upload or can choose from your computer.
  • Click on the “select from computer” button, choose the file you want to share.
  • But before posting the video, you can crop it and add captions, locations and hashtags, trim the video to 60 seconds, pick a thumbnail and then just post it to your Instagram page.

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  • Hootsuite: This is another tool which helps you to upload videos to your Instagram from Mac. All you have to do is:
  • Create an account on Hootsuite, for free.
  • Add your Instagram account to it, login to your Instagram from Hootsuite.
  • Click on the “create new post” button, drag video that you are willing to share, or just select from the computer.
  • You can enhance your photo/video with the inbuilt photo editor feature. Once you have done this your can select the Text option and add caption and also location to your post.
  • After finishing editing, preview your post and just Post it to your Instagram page. You can schedule a post for later.

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  • Grids: Grids is another app that enables you to post videos to Instagram directly from Mac. One good thing about Grids is that with this app you are able to post Stories and Carousal as well. Now follow the given steps.
  • Install Grids and open the app
  • In Grids, login to your Instagram account, you can also add multiple accounts here.
  • You will be directed to your Instagram feeds.
  • To post a video, click on the plus sign, choose the file/video from computer, edit it according to Instagram requirements about size etc. Now, add captions, locations, tags and simply hit the Share button.
  • Within few seconds, the video is uploaded to your Instagram feed.
  • Airdrop: Airdrop is an ad-hoc feature available in iPhones and Mac computers with OSX and iOS 7 versions. It operates over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but does not support cellular data. What it does is basically, it creates a wireless connection between iPhone and Mac computer, which connects the devices and enables data sharing between them. Thus, with this method, one can also transfer video files to iPhone and then post them on Instagram. But this method doesn’t always work. Obviously, you need an updated version of both Mac and iPhone to transfer data.

To post video using Airdrop, you simply need to create your video on your Mac, with keeping Instagram’s required size and dimensions in mind, and just Airdrop this video over to iPhone, where you can easily access Instagram and publish your video post.


Since, social media has gained a lot of importance in our lives, posting your daily life pictures and videos just to either share with friends and family, or to create a blog, has become a vital part of our daily lives. Apart from this, social media marketing is something that is taking over internet now-a-days. Almost all the brands and companies have started running social media campaigns to attract audiences. And, for running these ad campaigns, the social media marketers need to create promotional images and videos, which then are published on different social platforms. Instagram is considered to be the largest platform for online businesses. Thus, posting videos on Instagram can really be fruitful for one’s business.

Sometimes videos created on mobile phones are not in a very good quality or they are larger in size, so one need to create and edit videos on PC/Mac. So far, Instagram doesn’t allow posting videos though their web interface, so one has to use different methods to do so. The above mentions methods are used as a solution to this problem in a safe way. There are many other tools available, but I will stick to these five only. You can check them and  decide for yourself that which one is better to use.

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