How to post on Instagram from laptop?

How to Post on Instagram from Laptop on Windows and Mac?

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How to post on Instagram from a laptop: Even if you’ve never posted on Instagram in a while, you may be unsure where the start-a-post button is located, as the mobile app’s interface has changed several times in recent years. If you prefer to use the mobile app and wish you could post to Instagram from your computer in the same way you can from the app, you’re in luck. Instagram recently implemented a desktop website function that is similar to the mobile posting mechanism. Here’s how to upload to Instagram from the laptop. How to post on Instagram from laptop?

Method 1

To post from a laptop, you had to use a convoluted process to fool Instagram into thinking you were using a mobile device. Thankfully, Instagram has added a new built-in feature that allows users to post from their desktop website just as easily as they can from their mobile app. Here’s how to use a computer to post.
  • Open a desktop browser and go to Instagram’s website, logging in if necessary.
  • To begin a post, click the + (plus) symbol at the top of the page.
  • Select from the computer or drag image or video files into the pop-up window that appears.
  • In the window, your chosen image will appear. Zoom in on the image and crop it with the magnifying glass in the bottom-left corner, or select a specific aspect ratio for the post with the two arrow icon to the left of that. If you want to add more images, click the bottom-right corner circle with overlapping squares and then tap the plus sign that appears. Click Next when you’re finished.
  • To adjust levels of brightness, contrast, and other elements, select a filter or go to the Adjustments tab. Then press the Next button.
  • Use the form on the right of the image to add a caption, location, or alt text (via the Accessibility dropdown), or turn off commenting by clicking the photo (via the Advanced settings dropdown). Then, to post to your Instagram feed, click Share.
How to post on Instagram

Method 2

  • Log in to your Instagram account using your PC’s browser.
  • To open the Developer Tools window, right-click anywhere on the screen and select the “Inspect Element.”
  • Choose “Emulation” from the top menu by clicking the down arrow.
  • Select your mobile device from the Device menu.
  • Instagram will display an interface that corresponds to the device you’ve selected. Now, just like on the Instagram app, scroll to the bottom of your feed and click the + symbol to upload your photo.
  • Apply a filter by clicking the Filter tab, then add a caption and hashtags before clicking “Share.” Your Instagram profile will be updated with your photo.

Method 3

You can use a quick and easy workaround to post to Instagram from your PC if you use Google Chrome as your web browser. This is how you do it:
  • On your computer, open Google Chrome and go to Instagram.
  • “Inspect” can be accessed by right-clicking anywhere on the screen.
  • A new developer tool panel will appear on the screen. Click the icon that looks like a phone or tablet in the top-left corner of this window. This will display Instagram as it appears on a smartphone.
  • You’ll now see the + symbol at the bottom of the screen, which you’re used to seeing to upload a photo. If you don’t see it, simply refresh the page and it will appear.
  • You won’t be able to use all of Instagram’s native editing tools with this method, but you will be able to crop and rotate your photos as well as use the app’s many filters.
  • After you’ve finished editing your photo, click “Next” to add captions and hashtags before publishing it.

Method 4

It’s no secret that Facebook owns Instagram, but did you know you can post directly to Instagram from your Facebook account? This means you can easily post videos from your PC; all you have to do is use Facebook Creator Studio to upload your video. People who manage multiple Facebook pages and/or Instagram accounts will benefit from Facebook Creator Studio. It’s a fantastic tool if you fall into this category. Here’s how to post your favorite Instavideos with it: How to post on Instagram from laptop on mac
  • Make sure your account is either a Business Profile or a Creator Account before you start. For personal accounts, this will not work.
  • Log in with your Facebook credentials in Facebook Creator Studio.
  • At the top of the screen, select the Instagram icon. If you’ve never used Creator Studio before, you’ll need to enter your Instagram login credentials to link your account.
  • You may be asked to link the two if you already have a Facebook page.
  • Then, under “Create Post,” select “Instagram Feed.”
  • Select a video from your computer’s files by clicking “Add Content.” (Videos uploaded to Instagram must be between 3 and 60 seconds long and have a 4:5 to 16:9 aspect ratio.)
  • Fill in the blanks with your caption and location.
  • If you want to share your video on Facebook as well as Instagram, check this box.
  • Click “Publish” when you’re finished with your video post. You can also use the drop-down arrow to schedule a future post.


Instagram has all the hallmarks of being a mobile-only platform. However, you’d be surprised. You can upload to Instagram from your computer, which is a handy trick that may come in handy in the future. While you can post to Instagram from your computer, you won’t have access to all of the features available on the Instagram mobile app. Currently, you can only post photos from your computer; video posts must still be uploaded using your mobile device in most cases.

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