How to Post on Instagram from Computer ?

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There are literally millions of people out there that want to use Instagram on their computer. In this blog we will you that there’s two ways to do this. One’s free and one’s paid. The freeway is good, you can upload photos and you can do lots of things but you can’t do everything that you’re used to doing on your mobile phone like uploading videos or going live. So, I’m going to give you both options and you can make up your own mind.



Let’s start with the first way. Now the first thing you need to know is you can use three different browsers to use the free method: Google Chrome, Microsoft Bing or if you’re a mac user you can use safari and this method will work on these three browsers only. So, how do you do it? First go ahead and type in Instagram into your browser go to the Instagram site. You will need to log in. Now when you’re on your profile what you can do is you can get the mobile version of Instagram showing on your pc. On the right-hand side towards the top, you’ve got these three little dots, click on them and then come down to more tools. Now go ahead and click the refresh button up the top and you get the mobile version on your desktop and you can see the options at the bottom here. You can now click on the plus sign, can add photos from your computer on to your Instagram page. You can also surf around and visit other people’s pages, comment, like other posts etc.

So, this is how to do it free, remember you can do this with google chrome, Microsoft Bing and with safari, but if you’re a mac user then this way you can obviously click on the plus sign to add photos but you cannot add videos, you can only do that with the paid version.


Now, if you want to do everything on your computer that you could do in your mobile but just have the full screen and make life a lot easier paid way is the way to go. The good news is it’s only going to cost a few dollars or a few Pounds a month so it’s really not expensive but the place you want to go to is ‘Lately Social’. When you type this in, it will take you to the lately social website.

Now from this point you can just click sign up or you can go to the pricing options. Pricing tells you what you that features costs you how much. It also shows a ‘free plan’ option, you can sign up for that but it only lasts for about a month. Just start by ‘Signing up for Free Today’ and then this will give you a free trial if you want it so you get a bit of time free before you actually have to pay for. As soon as you’ve signed up, you will be directed to a dashboard. First thing you’ll need to do is go onto account manager and here you will be able to add in your Instagram account by putting in your Instagram username and password.

Now if you want to post a video, just click on the plus sign and then you’ll have the option to put in your Instagram username and password for your account. you’re going to get a security code from Instagram when adding account. now it’s important that you go to this security area which is sent to Instagram to confirm. you’ve added your account. you’ve got your security code and then you’ve logged in adding your account here now. Next, you have the option of how to post a photo or a video to Instagram. Here click on it, then you have the option to upload photos, upload to your story or loads of IG TV or upload multiple photos via a carousel. you can also upload large videos here as well.

Click on file manager or just grab any old picture from My Computer, just click on ‘open it’, it will load your picture or video to your Instagram profile. Add captions, hashtags or a description below as you would do on your mobile phone. There is one more option to Schedule your post, which means that you can set a certain time to post your content. So, click on Schedule and then you can change the time post here very simply by clicking ‘choose your dates’ and go forward or backwards with your date.

the next option is advanced option. this is really good because you can enter in your location, you can put in comments and captions here. you have also the options that add in things like your emojis and to add in saved captions which you’ve already put in.


So, you can do this free or you can do it paid whichever way works best for you.


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