How to install Wine on Linux Ubuntu 20.04?

How to install Wine on Linux Ubuntu 20.04?

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Wine is an application which allows its users to run windows applications on Linux. The latest version of wine is wine 6.0 which includes a lot of modified functionality. Wine is basically an interface which interprets the windows system calls into POSIX calls. The wine application is used to run various windows programs, but not all kind of applications will execute on Wine. Therefore, the database “Wine AppDB” provide applications list that will run in Wine. These applications are completely tested and will run in wine.


  • For installing wine, a user with sudo privileges is required.

Steps to Install Wine on Ubuntu:

  • Allow “multi-arch” to ensure the installation of both 64 and 32-bit packages.
  • Run update command.
  • Install Wine.
  • Verify if a package is installed.
  • Check version of wine

The Ubuntu repositories contain wine packages. We can install it easily with apt package manager. Package file is the basic unit of software in a packaging system. A package file is basically a collection of files in compressed form that make up a software package. A package can consist of many programs and data files that are supported by these programs. With the files to be installed, the package file also contains metadata about the package, such as a text description of the package and its contents. Most packages has pre- and post-installation scripts. These scripts are used for configuration tasks before and after the package installation process.

Many windows application are built for 32-bit architecture and others are built for 64-bit architecture. Therefore, first we have to allow “multi-arch”. This will enable the installation of both 64 and 32-bit packages.

$ sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386

$ sudo apt update

The sudo apt update command is required for downloading the information of package. The sources often defined in /etc/apt/sources. So when you run update command, it downloads the package information from the Internet. It is useful to get info on an updated version of packages.

Installing Wine tool:

After executing sudo apt get update command, now it’s time to install wine. For installation process there is very simple and easy command.

To install wine, following command is used:

$ sudo apt install wine64 wine32

How to check if a package is Installed?

Following command can be used to display whether wine is installed:

$ dpkg –status wine

How to check the version of wine?

The version of wine can also be checked. Once the installation is complete, execute the following command:

$ wine –version

Wine-5.0 is the current version of Wine available in the system.

Now its done! The installation process is completed and wine is now available in the system. You can use it now. You can also uninstall wine from Ubuntu.

How to Uninstall Wine?

The Packages can be uninstalled from the system. Following command is required to uninstall the wine:

$ sudo apt remove wine

By running this command you can uninstall wine.


In this article, I have shown you how to install wine on Linux Ubuntu 20.04. Wine is the best tool for running windows applications on Linux. I hope you enjoyed the article, stay for more on techoreview.

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