How To Install HBO GO On Samsung Smart Tv

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 Install HBO GO

In this video we learn about Install HBO GO

Samsung’s most recent smart TVs are more ambitious than ever, using a new web browser to enable video conversations, cloud gaming, and a great deal more. If you want to use your smart TV’s built-in operating system to operate your entertainment centre rather than a separate streaming device, this is an enticing choice; but, you’ll also need to ensure that your Samsung TV has the streaming applications you enjoy.


This leads us to HBO Max, the home of everything from Elvis to House of the Dragon, in addition to Max-exclusive original programming such as the DC series Peacemaker and the popular comedy Hacks. If HBO Max is an essential component of your streaming strategy, you will need it on your Samsung television. Here is the procedure for doing so.


Samsung Smart TV is regarded as one of the best smart televisions. Tizen is the name of the operating system seen in Samsung Smart TVs. It was developed by Samsung and is exclusive to Samsung Smart TVs. Numerous programmes are available for this operating system. HBO go, however, is an exception. You may obtain the HBO to go application from the smart hub, allowing you to connect HBO Go to your Samsung Smart TV with ease.

Smart Hub

 Install HBO GO

The smart hub is just like App Store for a Samsung TV and it is very similar to the Playstore of Android devices. With the help of a smart hub, you can download applications on your Samsung Smart TV. However, there is a restriction on HBO go app. You can install the app only on a Samsung Smart TV that has an operating system of 2.4 and above. These are the TVs that are launched in 2016 and other models.

Install HBO go on Samsung Smart TV

 Install HBO GO 

Other methods to install HBO go on Samsung Smart TV

Almost every Samsung Smart TV has a built-in live cast feature that helps you cast media files directly from your smartphone. Also, HBO go application has a built-in cast I can and you can directly cast the app from your smartphone to your smart TV with ease. For this, you will need to follow the following instructions.

 Install HBO GO

 Install HBO GO

Along with the casting feature, you can also use some external streaming devices such as Amazon fire stick to install and watch HBO go content. Also if you are using any third-party applications you can use them to download high-quality content on your mobile and then cast them directly onto your Samsung Smart TV.

HBO Go is not working on your Samsung Smart TV

You might be facing some of the issues or the HBO application is not working altogether on your Samsung Smart TV due to various reasons.

 Install HBO GO


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