How to transfer wired internet from another room? [Updated Methods 2023]

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Having a connected Internet connection across your entire home is quite advantageous but transfer wired internet from another room is still a problem. It provides several advantages and features for you. It delivers quicker, more dependable, and considerably improved Internet service for browsing. Also, it offers certain distinct advantages over wireless connections, although the cables themselves are a key drawback of wired Internet access. Installing wiring across the rooms is a daunting process. In this article, we will examine networking ideas and how to transfer wired Internet connection in another room.

Networking Overview

Before you begin running cables through your house you need to be aware of some networking terminologies and devices critical to it which is used to transfer wired internet :


Routers link everything together. Typically, these devices connect to your modem (Internet), broadcast wirelessly, and have wired network access connections. The purpose of its Ethernet ports is to connect many devices through Ethernet cables and transfer wired internet.


When the number of devices you wish to connect exceeds the number of accessible ports on the router, you can utilise a switch, an additional piece of networking equipment.

A switch is a device that routes communication from several input ports to a single output port. Switches are only a technique for adding more ports to a router. If your router has four ports, you will connect a switch to at least one of them to increase the number of ports to eight or twelve. However, switches solely serve the goal of connecting more devices to the router and transfer wired internet. Therefore, you require both the router and the switch to connect more devices.


Hubs are sometimes mistaken with switches, however they are not comparable equipment. Unlike switches, these devices manage network traffic in an altogether different manner. They use a broadcast paradigm as opposed to the virtual circuit architecture that a Switch employs. This indicates that hubs transmit network traffic to all or any linked devices, whereas switches transmit data solely to the target.

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How to get Wired Internet in another Room

We will be discussing quite a few methods which we can use to get a wired connection to multiple rooms of yours. Let’s see them each, one by one now :

transfer wired internet

Using Ethernet Cables

Ethernet cables may be readily run from your router to your devices in order to provide wired Internet connectivity to other rooms in your home. However, having loose wires running throughout your home is not ideal, so what are your alternatives?

Well, they aren’t fantastic, but you might be able to run them under your carpet, under your furniture, or along your baseboards. There are other devices available that will assist disguise your cords or at least keep them out of the way.

If none of these choices work, consider the powerline adapter approach provided below.

Using Powerline Adapters

Using powerline adapters is another means of providing wired Internet connectivity to different rooms. These gadgets fit into your electrical outlets and use your home’s electrical wiring to send data — pretty impressive, huh?

transfer wired internet

They are not a perfect substitute for an actual Ethernet line, but they will be quicker and more dependable than a wireless connection. Moreover, installation is rather simple. You just put the powerline adapter into an outlet near the router and then connect it to the router using a coaxial wire. Now, put the powerline adapter into an outlet close to the device, and link it to the device via a coaxial cable in the desired room.

To connect additional devices, we will require extra adapters and add them to the network as previously. All of them will send data to the adapter linked to your router. Simply validate that they are plugged into an outlet.

These adapters typically come with two Ethernet cables and two adapters to connect to your router/device.

Using DSL Cable

DSL cable enables you to engage in professional or recreational online gaming. It is the identical wire that we use to connect your Modem to the internet via your phone line.

If you don’t want to compromise on speed in the slightest, DSL cable to every room would be your best option. This enables for the use of even more devices without sacrificing speed, as it is fairly quick. To utilise a DSL cable for wired internet in another room, however, you will need to instal a modem in each room.

transfer wired internet

Since PCs and laptops do not support DSL cables, we must plug them into modems and then link our devices to the modems via coaxial cables. A somewhat expensive affair anyway!


It requires cabling throughout. In addition, these cables must be particularly designed for data connection. Hence, stronger and signals and better internet speeds. Also rather pricey.

MoCA is an abbreviation for Multimedia over Coax. If you already have cable lines (for cable TV or satellite), such connections can also carry Internet traffic. These lines reach 1 Gbps, which is faster than Ethernet cables and Powerline adapters.

To instal MoCA, just get a collection of MoCA adapters and connect them to the coaxial ports. Now, connect your gadgets to the other end of your modem. And you’re ready to go….

How do I get hard wired internet upstairs?

Wired internet is the quickest and safest option to achieve optimal speeds throughout your whole house or workplace. Although it requires some labour, the time and effort are well worth it. Here are three methods for installing a wired connection in your residence. Ensure that your modem supports this form of connection before proceeding. Second, ensure that your switch has sufficient ports. Third, make sure your switch has sufficient ports for your modem.

Stringing the wire is one of the easiest ways to connect the Ethernet connection upstairs. This approach is pretty simple, however the cable installation process is quite labor-intensive. You must meticulously arrange the layout and route the cable via the attic or beneath the drywall. If you are placing a television and computer on the second story, you will need to run an ethernet cable to the second floor.

Can you get Ethernet in any room?

A modem with an Ethernet output port is one way to get Ethernet in any room. This is the simplest and cheapest method for wiring an additional room. How Do I Install Wired Internet in a Different Room? Ethernet wires are digital cables alone. You may establish a high-speed connection between your modem and router using an Ethernet cable. To utilise this approach, a modem with Ethernet output slots is required. There are more considerations to make.

Ensure that there are sufficient Ethernet wires to reach the room. Ideally, you would be able to conceal the cords. There are items that will assist you conceal Ethernet cables if you do not have enough to reach every area. Additionally, you may utilise a cable extender to connect Ethernet to another room. After acquiring the cable, you may connect your devices. These strategies should have helped you answer the question, “Is Ethernet available in every room?”

How do I run wired internet in my house?

If you want wired internet in a different part of your home, you must know how to run a wired connection to that room. Using a powerline adapter, you may extend the Ethernet wire from your router to another room. This adaptor is inserted into an electrical socket and transmits data using the prevailing electric wires. Additionally, an Ethernet cable is required to connect the powerline adapter to the router.

Once you’ve identified where you need to instal wired internet, you can begin by identifying the cable entry points. Determine where the cables must run and then cut the drywall. Label your cords according to where they are needed and where they need to go. A structured wiring panel may also be used to arrange your cords. After correctly labelling them, you may put them in the room.

Once an Ethernet cable has been installed, it may be routed to the appropriate location. Try to keep the cables and wall plate as organised as possible. Additionally, you can instal an Ethernet cable extender to bring the cable inside the room. However, examine the criteria for the room in which you intend to place it. If Internet access is unavailable, you can establish a connection in another room.

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